• Trendy over hyped commercialized garbage.

    How rap/hip hop has remained relevant and successful for 25+ years just baffles me. It is a testimony to how ridiculous and ignorant the general American public has become. It is shoved down your throat in every facet of everyday life in this country. Every commercial, movie, and tv ahow at one point or another has rap being blared in the background. Idiots drive down the road with their obnoxiously loud systems bumping down the road rattling windows and acting like they're so awesome. Every form of music comes and goes. Rap has stood the test of time far longer than it should have. I hate it, I hate everyrhing about it, I rue the day that it was ever created. Worst music ever. I hope it dies out soon. It couldn't die out soon enough. I hold it partially responsible for the demise of our society in many ways.

  • Eventually it will.

    All music as it is now will fade or evolve from the mainstream media in time. Not just rap but all major categories of music now will morph or die out. Look at classical for example. While it has stood the test of time, only a handful of artists from that time period are even still heard, and even fewer people can pick out which famous groundbreaking composer created each symphony. The same goes for all music, however I feel that rap Is especially susceptible due to its strong reliance on vocals. Eventually non of the cultural references made in rap will be valid, and the category will be looked back on as a stepping stone for music. While it will probably still exist, it will be dead in the eyes of the average person.

  • Rap, hip hop and all other variations will die. I HOPE SOON

    It has been around to long and the new generations are just copying the thug thing because there no where for it to go. With out that thug element rap would be boring, but it also makes it unoriginal too. Its retarded how blatantly fake it all is now. I mean these young kids are not gangster. LIL Pump or LIL Dump is a damn child at 18. He has no experience being a gangster. People subconsciously made him (and others like him) big because everyone knows were all out of ideas! Plus its os easy to make these "beats" anyone can do it. Especially now that we are in the any goes era for music with the dubstep and edm sound. Its all sounds all F*&ked up but when its smashed together it creates a synergy and give the illusion of music. Sad era. 2018.

  • Same Opinion As Many Others

    It is shocking to witness how talent-less people become famous in the rap world. Why young white kids in upscale neighborhoods are attracted to it is baffling. As a musician myself, I always judge a body of work from the instrumentals and/or singing. In my opinion rap has neither element so I cannot call it music. Show me a rapper that actually sings (without auto-tune) and plays an instrument and I will stop to listen.....

  • Cause its too mainstreat

    Rap will die out in the way that it will be about as popular as disco is now. People like unique sounds, that why rap was popular because it was so different, just like rock. Maybe we'll go back to our roots, or develop a new genre. Either way, Raps going, just as pop will most likely go, or at least morph into something different, more unique and maybe more genuine depending on future generations interests.

  • Mainstream culture...Representative of society in 21st century.

    One has to hope that society will eventually turn around, and reverse the degradation trip that started over the past 30 years. Rap is the manifestation of this cultural degradation, whereby the worst elements of society are popularized and celebrated by these individuals (I refrain from ever calling them artists, because in no way is this art).

  • Yeah. . . .

    Might not die but wont be as popular and that is why it will go away. . . .. . . .. . . . .. .. . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. . . .. . .. .. . ... . ..

  • It will eventually

    Rap like any other music eventually dies. Like how 50s music and classical and heavy metal. It is just a phase, now the generation defines themselves by it and there is a pretty wide range of genres now. Rap will pass on with history. Think how some kids say that they think Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra are the best singers ever, than apply that to future kids. They will say "Snoop dogs wrote the best songs 20 years ago!" and then everyone will ignore them as they go back to listening to the next genre. Maybe something like TREBLE DRIFTING by changing the depth of sound so everything feels like an echo.

  • The sound of narcissism

    No rap fan will argue it's the music of pure narcissism. The whole point of the lyrics is to portray yourself as the biggest narcissist in the universe. Truth is no one loves narcissistic crap more than pampered white people. It's the most annoying thing in the world seeing a peppered lily white niricissist indulging his addiction to self entitlement by dining on the latest jay z album. Then these people explain how progressive they are because they support black culture.

  • Boring bull shit!!!

    Sampling real music and talking over it isn't music... It's bullshit.. Cheap produced crap for the a.D.D generation... Music label's are dead... Hiring some idiot to talk over a sample is a hell of a lot cheaper then signing a real band... Int'l the next generations of music lover's get a taste for talent and actual song writing with real lyrics... We're doomed!!!... Fuck rap...Hip hop... All of it!!!

  • I don't think so

    It is a new form of art in the musical genre, so it won't die off completely but there might be a turn where it is not as popular anymore. Disco was popular like crazy in the sixties, but now it is hard to find but not impossible. I think it is impossible for any music to "die" because that means it wouldn't exist in the modern day. There will be some person creating that music somewhere in the world so it can't officially "die". It would be like if I died but just barely existed to walk to talk, it wouldn't be possible because I don't exist. So no, it would not die because that means completely vanish.

  • There Will Be A Day........It Won't Be As Popular

    I agree with all the posters above me on the left hand column. Though, like any other music it won't ever totally disappear. Rap and Hip Hop will hopefully evolve to become more elegant and more sophisticated (Hopefully!) I actually hate Rap and Hip Hop. These 2 have been said to come from the real and the hard life of inner city street life culture. It has been called Ghetto music. But when rapper only rap over cop killing, drugs, stealing, raping, abusing females - etc - the list goes on and on. It is degrading and reason why it is considered to be LOW class. Though, it has been also said, factual - that instrumental music has more class and requires more intelligence to enjoy then vocals. Though, I know there are good rappers. And creative rappers. What I hate about rap or Hip Hop is, the vocals - the instrumental back ground tracks and beats are and can be actually very cool and creative! Some one may say - Oh any one can throw these beats together! But really can you? They use real instruments - call beat boxes, drum machines and music synthesizers - and of course computer driven music programs. I do not know how to write music with these programs, such as Propeller - etc. But I do know how to work and operate all the other equipment, like the Roland 505 Groove Box, Korg Microkorg, Korg Electribe, etc, so do you know how to operate these music track creating machines? If you dont know how to sit in front of these cool devices and produce, then it seems pretty hard to bash the creators! That's what IS really super cool about Rap or Hip Hop, the beats and the tracks, I just hate the rapping vocals! :-)

  • Terrible rap music

    L o l o l o l o l o l . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .

  • Rap was the worst thing to ever happen to music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh my god i'm praying that it does die...Back when rap first came along...It killed all the other types of music...So yes i hate,despise rap...I can't even call it music...So finely let us out of this 25 years of hell and pain...Die rap please die and burn in hell...Rap ssuuuxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No way ever

    Whoever thinks it will go away needs to stop. There are many intelligent rappers out there such as Kendrick Lamar and lupe fiasco and etc. I know that they won't last forever but they pass down to the next rapper. We never thought we'd hear anyone as good as biggie but then here comes eninem or Cassidy. There are different generations of rap. Late 80's 90's 00's now 10's you can tell the difference in each generation. It won't die it'll just evolve like it has been doing. One hunnid

  • No way, but it needs to evolve desperately.

    Rap music ain't going anywhere anytime soon. But I've heard about cars, I've heard about money, fine ladies, rags to riches, violent street tales, all that stuff a billion times and I am personally just about completely finished with it. I don't care about a rappers childish feuds or his compensation, wink, wink.

    I am tired of it all, everything, and I do't care to hear more of the same when it was old when I first heard it. So it is a no. But It could diminish if it doesn't evolve. I liken it to listening to only 50s rock and roll. It's good stuff, but eventually I want to listen to the rest of rock history.

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