• Yes It Will

    I believe reducing inequality, especially financial inequality will do a lot to grow the economy. When you consider the fact that most Americans are still living off the same wages there were over a decade ago, it's easy to understand why the economy isn't moving. Corporations have already broke the economy and tied up all the money.

  • Reducing inequality will not help

    Reducing inequality in this country will not help grow the economy in any way. The government wants to reduce inequality by taking more from the wealthy instead of helping the poorer earn more. They want to bring down and demonize the wealthy and that does not help grow the economy.

  • Yes, reducing inequality through bulding up the lower class would help grow the economy

    Reducing inequality through building up the lower class (increasing employment and economic opportunity for the poor) and having less of a ridiculous majority of wealth in a few rich hands would help grow the economy on a large scale. It would increase the number of people able to participate in the economy, which would grow it.

  • Not at all

    No, reducing inequality does not help to grow the economy, it is good for all of the people here to have a good and fair life. To fix the economy you have to try and make a lot more business and try to make more and more jobs fro people.

  • We need opportunity.

    No, reducing inequality will not help grow the economy, because people need jobs and opportunities, not handouts. Redistributing wealth will only take money from the productive and give it to the unproductive. People who win the lottery usually squander the money. The economy will grow only when we are free to indulge our own ideas.

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