• Samsung Note 7 is worth the price

    Samsung has unveiled their new device, which they're calling the Note 7. The features of this phone, which include a iris scanner for security, portend the future of technology. This means that no matter how much Samsung will charge for this phone, the phone will be well worth the investment.

  • It could be

    As long as it isn't broken trash, it could definitely be worth its price. It depends entirely on the use you personally have for it. It could have the fastest speeds, best camera, and all these cool features, but at the end of the day that isn't what matters. What matters is how much you get out of it for the money you spent. This does mean that having a variety of features can make it more accessible to more people, but ultimately its worth is up to the individual consumer.

  • No cell phone or phablet is worth its price.

    No feature of any cell phone or phablet justifies a price of roughly $800. The $800 cost is more than some people’s rent is. Therefore, the phone is not worth the price unless it can somehow pay the rent. Smartphones may be worth the price when they can start washing cars, cooking restaurant meals or running businesses. They aren’t smart enough just yet.

  • No, there is a good chance that Samsung Note 7 will not be worth the price

    No, there is a good chance that Samsung Note 7 will not be worth the price. Most phones in its price range are not worth the money. These phones do little more than other smartphone but everyone wants one because they are the latest gadget. They do not do anything special.

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