Will San Diego have a chance to make playoffs now that Allen is injured?

  • They still have a chance

    Their chances are not big, but do not count them out yet. Remember that the Chargers still have a Pro bowl, future hall of fame QB Philip Rivers. One player will not have a huge impact on the team. The Chargers also have one easiest schedules in the NFL. I believe that they have a chance at a Division title, if not Wild Card.

  • San Diego's playoff chances not diminished

    The San Diego Chargers still have a chance to make the playoffs, despite the injury to wide receiver Keenan Allen. Allen is a good receiver, but not a game changer. Last year, he played in only half the team's games. Quarterback Philip Rivers is the key for the Chargers to making the playoffs.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Stories like this put into perspective just how bad the management of the Chargers has been. To let a team decay as much as they have is a disgrace. Bad drafts, bad contracts, holding onto players past their prime instead of trading them for something of value. It's good to see the Spanos boys are handing the reins over to real football people who are making sound decisions. Now if they would just get a good head coach.

  • They don't have the depth.

    Now that Allen is injured, it will be hard for San Diego to make the playoffs. Having a few stars is important but what is even more important is having the depth to continue. Later in the season, depth is important as players become injured. It's important to have depth on the roster, and San Diego doesn't have enough of it to sustain the team into the playoffs.

  • They are done.

    Unfortunately, I do not believe that San Diego has a chance of making the playoffs this year, and certainly not a chance of going deeper than that. Their odds were questionable even before Allen was injured, because their roster just doesn't have that much depth. Now that he is injured, they are done.

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