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  • No, the vast majority of Sanders supporters will not vote for Trump.

    While, on the surface, there seem to be some similarities between Sanders and Trump, the two candidates are very different. First of all, Sanders is very focused on issues and policies, while Trump seems more concerned about pointless feuds with other candidates, celebrities and, most recently, a military family. Sanders is also very liberal, while Trump is very conservative and has a campaign that is largely based on appealing to certain voters' xenophobia. Almost all of Sanders' supporters will not only not vote for Trump, but will vote for Hillary Clinton (who they also don't like) just to avoid a Trump presidency.

  • They disagree with Trump.

    Sanders backers represent the liberal wing of the Democratic party; the voters who are least likely to vote for any Republican candidate. While they have their issues with Hillary Clinton's center-left politics, Sanders backers disagree with Trump on nearly every issue other than trade. Clinton will also benefit from Sanders' endorsement.

  • Not if they are real Sanders supporters

    Some Sanders supporters might vote for Trump, but then they aren't true Sanders backers. They will either take his lead and vote for Hillary, or they will go to the Green Party and vote for Jill Stein, even though that is against his wishes. True backers of Sanders and his policies would not vote for Trump.

  • No, Sanders' backers will not vote for Trump.

    No, supporters of Bernie Sanders are less likely to vote for Trump versus Hillary Clinton because Sanders himself has endorsed Clinton and criticized the illogical and radical ideas of Trump. Sanders' supporters are loyal and therefore are more likely to take the guidance of the former candidate, who has since endorsed Clinton.

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