Will science lead to the destruction of the world?

  • Destruction can not be avoided

    Many things are made with good intentions, but sometimes the uses are not the best. As many have said before me, nuclear weapons were used to allow the Allies to beat the Japanese but now nuclear war is always a threat to society and could potentially destroy the earth itself. The United States itself has many hundred outside the country ready to be launched. But that not only leaves a threat but it also affects the economy. Yes, it helps us stay ahead of other countries, but is it really necessary to that many nuclear weapons. The spending amount on nuclear weapons and military equipment could instead be used to help the people of this country and fix many problems that lie inside this country. Rome was once a power house but it fell from the inside leading to the collapse of the whole empire.

  • There are two things involved

    Science can be viewed in different perspective depending on personality. I see science as the systematic study of nature(natural things) coined from the understanding of man via the inspiration from God. The notion of science has been changed and the source of inspiration has been abused... As the years come and go science will continue but if glory is not given to who deserve glory(God) science will destroy the world

  • We are our own worst enemy.

    Unfortunately we have produced to many colloquial knuckleheads into the human race. That side of humanity has made for great cannon fodder for kings and queens of the past. In the not so distant past we have even used them for presidents. In the last century the natural selection of mindful persons being born has by far been out paced by the unmindful. I also believe it is getting progressively worse and they are becoming increasingly outnumbered as the decades pass.

  • Solving our problems through more of the same?

    From global warming, to the current mass extinctions, to mass deforestation, dying coral reefs, depletion of the ozone layer, GMO contamination of crops and weeds, pesticide-induced die-offs of vital pollinators, and existential threats of biowarfare, nanotechnology run amok (the "grey goo" scenario), the potential for disaster at the LHC, Chernobyl, Fukushima and the potential for a nuclear holocaust...Every single one of these problems, risks and crises facing the world today is the direct result of scientific and technological "progress". Every single one! Even the best arguments in favour of scientific "progress", i.E. The miracles of modern medicine such as antibiotics to control infectious disease, produce blowback in the form of aggressively antibiotic-resistant bacteria. And the solution to this galaxy of threats proffered by scientists is...More science and technology! That's right, the best solution to our problems is more of what caused them! Or perhaps, some of these scientific geniuses (many of whom probably got their degrees without having to pass a single university level course in the humanities or philosophy) might someday realize that when you put godlike power into the hands of creatures with stone-age brains and medieval morals and ethics, serious problems are likely to ensue, and the solution sure as heck isn't more scientific and technical "progress!". If we can't get our own house in order on the inside - philosophically, morally, ethically - and in our relationships with each other and the planet, no amount of external sci-tech gimmickry is going to save us from ourselves.

  • Science: The Double Edged Sword

    Just about every single major scientific or technological breakthrough has two sides: A good side, and a bad side. For instance, Nuclear Fission/Fusion. The good: We can use it for power. The Bad: One atomic bomb is devastating to the planet. Also, the Internet. The good: We can use it to make purchases, do research, and share our views and opinions. The bad: It be used for identity theft, scams, and porn. The bad edge of science hasn't killed us yet, but when a crazy enough dictator gets his hands on said technology, the world as we know it will have changed.

  • Destruction is inherent

    The world will eventually be destroyed by some form or the other. If it is by a nuclear war or the supernova of our star, Sol, the Earth will eventually be destroyed. The avenue that has been chosen by humans to destroy the world is that of progress. Progress itself is inherently destructive. Look at pre-medieval Europe, most of it was a lush forest full of diverse species, but today 85% of that forest is gone and many species have been wiped out in the name of progress. Whether the destruction our progress brings about manifests as global warming, the mining of all resources, or some other manner, science will bring about the destruction of the world.
    But it will happen anyway, so we should continue progressing forwards as forwards is the only way to go.

  • No science means no development.....

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  • No science means no development.....

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  • It may get worse before it gets better

    Perhaps in another thousand years this era will be referred to as the "fossil fuel age". We have managed to develop tons of food-producing, life-saving, burden-easing sciences and resultant technologies. The unfortunate side effect for now is the CO2 produced by this consumption. I remain optimistic that we will find a different energy source to continue our scientific growth and undo the damage done to climb to our current precipice. It may also be worth mentioning that even if we weren't damaging the planet with our consumption, we may have fallen victim to an asteroid or some other natural disaster that technology may someday prevent. Even in the event of the inevitable end of this planet (when the sun dies), our science may take our race to another plant to survive! Impossible without science.

  • Science will not destroy , it is the human mind

    Science is just the supporter of man . The human brain is the main leader. But we can reduce these destruction by correcting your mind .
    In science they are some many good advantages like cars.
    If the science was not there the mythology would have been ruling the world

  • Science is our Saviour

    Science has made many bad mistakes, but we should stop worrying about the past and focus on the things that the scientists have done for us in the present. Only science can help us overcome hurdles that could save us from destruction. Without science, ultimately, we cannot progress to a better and more reliable future.

  • Science Can Help As Well

    I believe science is the strongest mode of study and knowledge that we have. It does possess the ability to destroy our world, after all scientists invented the Atom Bomb, but it also contains the ability to heal and save our planet as well. Science has brought us a plethora of information, but what we do with it, is ultimately our decision.

  • The destruction of humanity will happen without science.

    The world is not infinite, as the sun burns hotter Earth will eventually be inhabitable. If we somehow leave the planet before the Earths natural destruction we still have to worry about the universes natural destruction, when the rapid expansion of the universe results in a heat death (everything becomes so cold that carbon based life becomes impossible). When we understand how the world works we can overcome these obstacles, and that is precisely what science aims to achieve. However there are radical groups who chooses to use science against humanity because they don't really believe in science.

  • Science is Left

    There is much of the discoveries in sciences and technology which is still left to be made. Some examples are those of the time machines and all. If science is controlled in a limit, then science will not emerge as a thing which will be destroying the world. Don't forget, science is the thing which has changed life in the modern period.

  • Religion has already destroyed the world, Science is progress

    Religion has already destroyed the world, Science is progress and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can progress. I'm sick and tired of the past decade being nothing than backwards. The current generation of politicians worldwide have taken us back rather than enable science to progress humanity.

    Posted by: jby
  • Potentially but not in practice

    Some of the inventions of science could wipe this planet out, there's no mistaking that. They, however, won't for a lot of reasons, mutually assured destruction being at the top of the list. Science is far more likely to save us from ourselves than to be the reason we no longer exist.

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