• Yes it will.

    Because we are tried of using the same thing all over and over. So, I think that we should use the solar energy to replace it. And then we will have a different fortune. But, we got to make it count. So that makes,
    we have to get a little bit at a time.

  • Solar Power Replacement

    Solar power will replace fossil fuels. Solar power will replace fossil fuels because of its inexpensive cost. It is because of the high cost of fossil fuels that has the government seeking more creative ways of creating energy. Solar energy is not only used to harness energy from the sun to heat roof tops but has been used for light energy replacement, as well.

  • Yes it will.

    I have hope that solar power, and other renewable energy sources, will someday replace fossil fuels. It may take quite some time though. However, fossil fuels are a finite resource and someday they will run out. When this happens, we will have no choice to use solar, wind and other sources for power.

  • They will run out

    One day the fossil fuels here on earth are going to run out, and when they do we are going to have to swap over to some other source of energy, and solar power will be one of the main replacements that are going to take over the new era.

  • I dsagree that solar power will replace fossil fuels.

    Unless there are some serious advances in solar technology I seriously doubt that solar power will ever become as useful or abundant as fossil fuels. I believe there is technology on the horizon but I don't feel like at this point, or any time in the near future will we have to worry about it.

  • It won't replace it completely.

    No, solar power will not ever replace fossil fuels, because solar power is more expensive to collect. Solar power is more unpredictable as well. Solar power cannot be saved, and it can only be created when it is sunny out. Solar power can take a great deal of the burden off fossil fuels, but it can never replace them completely.

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