Will Tesla's stock prices go up after the release of the new Tesla model?

  • Tesla's Stock Price Will Increase

    With the release of its newest model vehicle, Tesla's share price will almost certainly go up. The Model 3 was designed to be more affordable, and is being marketed to the middle-class, and upper middle-class of America. Tesla has already received more orders for the Model 3 than they expected. It is reasonable then to think that their share price will see an uptick.

  • Yes, stock prices will go up.

    Stock prices are based at least partly on perception of how the company is doing. All of Tesla's products have been met with great anticipation and fanfare, and this new model is likely to do so as well. Because of this, the stock will surely go up, even if it is only for a short time.

  • Yes, Tesla's Stock WIll Go Up

    After the release of Tesla's new model, Model 3. It already has 325,000 pre-orders. Looking at how popular the new model is, one can assume that their stock prices will go up. They are keeping up with current trends of building electric cars. Staying on top of what people want will make their stock go up, for sure.

  • More testing needed

    Tesla was doing great until the death of the gentleman in Florida. My understanding is that the Tesla is engineered to navigate on its own yet now we're being told that you should never allow the car to drive by itself without having your hands on the wheel so you can take over. So why in the world do you need a car like this at this price point then. Fix the issues and then maybe the stock price will go up.

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