Will that fact that Puerto Rico has again defaulted on $1 billion of debt hurt have a drastic effect on the nation?

  • Yes, I think defaulting on debt affects everyone.

    I agree that when Puerto Rico defaulted on nearly $1 billion of debt that it will hurt the nation as a whole. When any country is forced to default on debts instead of pay them, there are always consequences both in the present and in the future. Debt defaulting is a serious choice.

  • Yes, Puerto Rico's default will hurt the nation.

    While a nation's debt default is always damaging, when that nation repeatedly defaults (especially to the tune of $1 billion), the effect becomes more drastic. The nation becomes known for its default nature and that becomes part of its reputation. Other nations will be overly cautious in their economic dealings with Puerto Rico.

  • Yes, Puerto Rico needs serious help

    Puerto Rico has defaulted on their debt again, but I believe the Governor was making a wise choice when he chose to provide essential services to the people rather than make payments. The country of Puerto Rico is in such a sad state- Zika virus, having to ration medication, unsafe water conditions, poor living environments. I do believe that the US needs to aid the country in order for them to be able to turn this around.

  • Puerto Rico's default record a bad sign for the nation

    Puerto Rico has had serious financial difficulties in the past, and now they are at it again. The news reports that the nation has defaulted on $1 billion worth of debt. This indicates that the nation will likely fall apart because of their financial problems - they do not have the funds to support their infrastructure.

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