Will the American public ever receive full disclosure about Hilary Clinton's emails?

  • From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer

    This week, Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination and snagged President Obama’s endorsement, defeating a challenge from Senator Bernie Sanders, who argued that she was too cozy with wealthy interests who had an undue voice in government.

    The same week, ABC News has reported that a man named Rajiv Fernando, a top donor to the Clinton Foundation, was added to the State Department’s International Security Advisory Board at the behest of the secretary of state’s office. Fernando appeared not to have the same qualifications as many other ISAB members, other than prolific giving to Democratic interests. When ABC started asking the department about Fernando, newly revealed emails show, staffers scrambled to find a way to defend the appointment. Eventually, Fernando stepped down two days after ABC’s initial questions.

  • No, the American public will never receive full disclosure about Hillary Clinton's emails.

    Hillary Clinton has long valued being secretive when it comes to her political career. Clinton's choice to use a private email server while serving as secretary of state further shrouds her political career is secrecy. Furthermore, Clinton takes great lengths to stonewall investigators and political opponents about what it is she is trying to hide. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the American public will ever receive full disclosure about Hillary Clinton's emails.

  • Full disclosure not likely

    No, the American public is not likely to ever receive full disclosure about Hilary Clinton's emails, and they probably shouldn't. First, there is the possibility that there was no breach of confidentiality or security in her emails. If this is true, then revealing all her personal emails to the public would be wrong. If the opposite is true and she did breach security in her emails, then revealing them to the public would further breach security and confidentiality.

  • No, Clinton deleted the emails and has enough money to suppress anything she wants.

    As long as Clinton does not want the public to have access to her emails, they will never see them. She has the money, power, and influence to destroy incriminating evidence and induce the media to stay silent. Since her campaign and Trump's were able to effectively sabotage Bernie Sanders' campaign without once being called out on it, it stands to reason that she will be able to keep the emails a mystery for as long as she wants.

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