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  • It's already been done.

    I don't think that the new Blair Witch movie will be that good. It was popular when it first came out because it was so new and different. No one had ever seen a scary movie quite like it. However, that concept has now been done again and again, so it's no longer appealing.

  • Blair Witch movie faces tough comparison

    The Blair Witch movie faces a tough challenge, and will not likely be a good movie. The first movie had the element of surprise, with many viewers believing it was a real documentary based on the footage. The sequel, which always faces a challenge, will not be able to present this case.

  • No, the Blair Witch movie will not be good.

    No, the Blair Witch movie will not be good because it will not compare to the original. This movie was made simply to make a profit. The company knows that people will be interested because of the name and that is the only reason it was produced, for more money.

  • No, this movie will not be good.

    As someone who does not take any interest in horror movies, I can say with absolute certainty that this movie will not be good. It will not be realistic because horror movies are not realistic. They are meant to frighten, and while reality is pretty scary at times, a horror movie is not a good way to show reality.

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