• The Brexit vote was caused by the resurgance of xenophobia.

    One of the main arguments of people in favor of Brexit was that the UK had reached its limit and should not take in any more immigrants. Therefore, it's impossible for someone to argue that Brexit will not resurface xenophobic passions. Pro-Brexit supporters believed that the UK's rule that allowed citizens of the European Union to work in any part of the EU was hurting Britain's economy. Those who voted for Great Britain to leave the EU believed that limited immigration is the key to fixing the economy. Therefore, these people undoubtedly have xenophobic tension driving their anger towards the economy.

  • Yes, Brexit will cause xenophobic passions to resurface.

    Brexit is already causing xenophobic passions to resurface. There has already been a rise in reports of attacks, threats, and vandalism against people who are immigrants or are perceived to be immigrants. It is likely that tensions will continue to grow and these acts will continue to increase as the issue comes to a head.

  • Yes, the Brexit is likely to cause xenophobic passions to resurface.

    The United Kingdom's Brexit vote to leave the European Union was partially based on restricting immigration. Many supporters of leave campaign are against immigration, because they believe that immigrants are changing their country; hurting their own economic prospects. Therefore, it is likely that the Brexit vote will cause xenophobic passions to resurface in other countries.

  • No, Brexit will not cause xenophopia.

    If the question is asking if Brexit is going to cause citizens of other countries to have an intense or irrational fear or dislike for people from Britain, my answer is a resounding no. It is not the individual citizens of the country who caused Brexit and I do not think it will bring about anything xenophobic.

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