• Back to silver

    To stabilize the currency, don't float it. Put it back on the silver (or mix of gold, silver, nickel, and copper). This will make it much better than the USD and may even result in more international buying of GBP (pound) as it is backed by something other than belief.

  • No, it will remain strong.

    The value of the British Pound has dropped due to UK withdrawing from EU through a referendum conducted last week. This was bound to have a toll effect on the pound as investors were in the panic mode because of the uncertainty brought by the referendum. The situation though is short term as the Pound is expected to gain marginally againd=st the dollar in the coming days.

  • It will go up and down.

    The British pound is very down right now, but that is just a temporary result of the country choosing to leave the European Union. I believe that the pound's value will continue to go up and down like every other form of currency. It will be back up once everyone stops panicking.

  • The British Pound will not be forever weaker than the US Dollar

    The British Pound will not be forever weaker than the US Dollar. Once this nonsensical and irrational panic subsides across the pond everything will be fine. In fact, it is the U.S. that should be worrying about the value of its dollar. Our politicians are so mismanaging the economy and finances of this country that it's only a matter of time before the dollar falls flat.

  • Forever is a long time

    No, the British Pound will not likely be forever weaker than the US dollar. While most Americans might feel good about the idea of the US dollar being stronger, the likelihood is that there will be some fluctuation over the years, as governments change and the economy ebbs and flows. Plus, Americans need to heed the warning issued by the events in Britain. We could be headed in the same direction if we're not careful.

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