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  • I don't believe it will.

    The case has been ongoing for years. If this case was a murder then most likely the people involved are long dead. Even if the guy died from natural causes and there was something logical that happened to him and everything people will not be satisfied by the findings and consider this case still open.

  • If it hasn't been solved by now it'll never be solved

    Some mysteries are mean to remain just that: mysteries. If a case that dates back to the 1940s hasn't been properly explained before public opinion, there's no point in looking for more evidence or going over old notes and torn book pages that have already been scrutinized over and over. It's probably time to let the Somerton Man finally rest in peace.

  • No, there is very litte evidence that will lead to solving this case.

    It has been more than sixty years since the body of the Somerton man was found. To date there is no confirmed identification of the man. In this new age of forensic science, it may have been possible to solve this mystery. Considering however, that there were no identification documents on the body, and the fact that the cause of death was unclear, it would mean that some remarkable collection and preservation of evidence would have had to occur in 1948. It is pretty unlikely that this case will ever be solved.

  • Unlikely to be solved

    There are so many mysterious facts and contradictions in the long mysterious case of Taman Shud that it is unlikely that it will ever be solved. Unless a credible witness or person with additional information comes forward I believe that as each day goes by it is less and less likely we will understand the full circumstances.

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