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  • No, there is no guarantee.

    There is no guarantee that the Chicago bears will lose all of their games. The beginning does not necessarily determine the end. That the Chicago bears have started their games poorly is not a direct indication that they will lose all of their games. They might make a sudden change for victory.

  • The Chicago Bears will not lose all their games

    The Chicago Bears will not lose all their games this season. They lost their opening game, but they were facing a tough Houston Texans team. he Bears have John Fox, an excellent coach who has proven himself by winning in his prior two head coaching experiences. The team also has weapons on offense and defense.

  • No, the Bears will win some games.

    The Chicago Bears didn't look great in their first game, a loss to the Houston Texans, but they will win at least a few games this year. The combination of Jay Cutler and Alshon Jeffery is very difficult for defenses to handle. They don't have a lot of talent beyond those two, so they won't compete for a playoff spot, but they will certainly be able to win some games.

  • No, they will not.

    It is highly unlikely, just based on statistically proability that a team wil lose all of their games. No matter how poorly they do, unless they are severly outmatched by every team in the NFL they will probably win at least one game in the season. There will be luck and other things involved.

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