Will the Clinton email debacle end up being important in the presidential race?

  • They will try to make it important

    The Republicans are stuck with Donald Trump so they have to lean on any weakness that Hillary Clinton presents them and unfortunately she handed this unforced error to them. They rarely talk about Benghazi anymore because this is the new red meat they've been able to feed the public. It has worked beautifully because most of the voters don't trust her. It is still important and will be so until the election.

  • Yes, the Clinton email debacle will end up being important in the presidential race.

    Hillary Clinton's email scandal will likely play a role in the presidential election. Many voters are upset that the FBI did not recommend charges against Hillary. This dissatisfaction has even appeared in recent polls that show a tightening race. Even though most of Hillary's supporters don't care about the email scandal, many others still consider it important.

  • Clinton's email scandal will come back to haunt her

    Just as Bernie Sanders stated, America is sick and tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton's controversial choice to use a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State. Despite this, Clinton's decision continues to impact her chances in the Presidential race. It has led many voters to view her as untrustworthy, which directly affects their choice to vote for her.

  • Clinton Email One of Many Nasty Scandals in Race

    Willful mishandling and carelessness are the normative expectation from the public about Clinton. This trend will not stop even after the November election. Perception and massive social media coverage access will continue to plague her campaign and continue to shine light into her dark activities. Clinton has no hope of getting past her email or other past scandals.

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