• I hope so.

    The Confederate States of America was a legitimate government, formed out of law-abiding states that had and still have every right to secede from the United States. If another democrat is elected, we may have riots in the streets, or a full blown revolution. THAT is how the South will rise again.

  • The South shall rise again!

    The federal government wants to use the South as it did in Lincoln's time. And along with all of the security that the feds have spying on American citizens I do not have any problem with the South rising against the oppressive federal government. I say May the union be damned!

  • Because of groups like Antifa and Politicians like Chuck Schumer.

    Because of "Leaders" like Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell preaching and promoting double standards about how the south is still evil and racist, keep in mind people can only take so much, Hitler Rose to power because France, England and the U.S. told them it was their fault for the war of 1914-1918, and then annexed the Rhineland and a few other areas of Germany. The German people got tired of it and put him in charge. Simple as that.

  • Uneducated people calling the flag " racist"

    All the people going around calling the flag racist and calling Robert E. Lee racist when for 1 a flag cant be racist. It's a flag, Robert E. Lee made a quote saying that he wish he had all the slaves so that he could let them free and they could avoid war because he knew it would be alot of lost lifes.

  • Hatred of the Feds

    Many southern people are mad at the ever changing South and the intrusion of the Federal government. Whether it is rich equestrian Yankees or liberal democrats from up north moving in or the real estate agents that have made the South a giant monopoly board who later sell the countryside to other rich Yankees who are anti-Christian liberals.

  • I see no reason it wouldnt

    Americas federal government is taking its power and pressing it one way...The popular way. As long as its popular they will support suppressing the rights of the people. The south makes up most of the military so its not as if the rest of the us can just crush any revolution. We are tired of tyrannical rule forcing us to be politically correct as well as what we can say, wear, and do. We are tired of spending all our hard earned money on things like welfare. We are tired of paying for someone else's insurance. So i say once the powder keg is lit... There's no going back

  • A federal goverment with too much power is tyrannical

    If we continue people who have never even seen our home govern it, if we give men the power of a God, they will abuse it andit cost us.Tyrants only fall when people see and recognise them as such. My ancestors fought to their death for there rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We were promised this in our declaration of independence, but always had out happiness depended those appointed to lead us. It won't change until we make it.

  • Taking the flag down

    Taking the flag down from federal grounds made more pop up in other locations. I believe eventually the southern states wil rebel again. The more the government tries to remove the confederate symbolism the more people who will fly it from there trucks or cars. The government is full of corrupt politicians.

  • As much as I wish it would, not enough people believe.

    History is written by the victors and whether the confederacy was justified or not, the yankees wrote history. So those who would rebel were conditioned to think differently and those who wanted a unified america became even more supportive. As a result not enough eople believe in the confederate states of america.

  • No Confederacy will not rise again

    No, I do not think that the Confederacy will rise again and that the Civil War will never happen again. I think those who supported the Confederacy are now long gone, and many people see just how bad the Civil War was and how violence never leads to a good outcome.

  • The Confederacy will not rise again.

    The Confederacy was defeated in the 19th Century, and it has shown no signs of rising again. The Civil War was about slavery, and that matter has been settled. Slavery is obviously bad, and there is no place for it in a free country. The ideas of the Confederacy are long gone.

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