Will the death of Sam Holz negatively affect the Nebraska Huskers?

  • Yes, the death of Sam Holz will negatively affect the Nebraska Huskers

    Foltz is such a nice and skillful player, words cannot fathom how painful we will miss him in Nebraska Huskers. His presence in Nebraska Huskers will surely be felt.
    Grab it, grip it and rip it.
    “That’s my motto, I guess,” Nebraska punter Sam Foltz once said of his approach to kicking a football.
    Catch the snap, hold on tight and swing that right leg to the sky. Don’t hold back. In four years at NU, Foltz rarely did. He chatted up reporters and readily put his arm around teammates. He smiled and laughed and graduated in May with an agronomy degree. A new Husker coaching staff appreciated his insight.

    To those who knew him best, he was a hard worker, a hero, a best friend, a brother and a beloved son of Nebraska. Praises flowed from the mouths and minds of those who played with, coached or cheered on Foltz, whose Saturday night death in a car crash sent shock waves of sorrow through the state and the Husker football program.
    “This day will be stuck in time forever,” Nebraska coach Mike Riley said after a team meeting Sunday night in Memorial Stadium. “The news that you just really can’t connect or comprehend or understand.”

  • Yes, it will.

    Sam is a good, solid player and he will be missed. He was going into his last season, and what would most likely have been his best. Not only will he be missed for his playing ability, but his value as a person will leave the team in mourning as well.

  • The death of Sam Foltz is sure to have an adverse effect on the Cornhuskers this season.

    The loss of a teammate before the season even begins is a challenging obstacle in itself, but Foltz was a beloved and well-respected member of his team. He excelled as a punter, a position which is a difficult position to suddenly replace. His loss is sure to have a sobering influence that may serve as a distraction to the remaining players, especially in the first few games of the season when tributes and memorials are likely to keep his loss fresh in everyone's minds.

  • No, Sam Holz was not a memeber of the Nebraska Huskers

    Sam Holz was not a member of the Nebraska Huskers; however, another individual with the similar name of Sam Foltz was killed in a car accident. He was an integral part of the team and therefore his death would likely cause great psychological anguish to the rest of his teammates. It could be said that the death of Sam Foltz would cause the tram to rally together and have an even higher chance of working as a cohesive sports entity, but I believe the negative impact of his absence will greatly outweigh any motivation that could possibly be provided by the incident.

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