Will the democrats gain the majority in Congress in this coming election?

  • Yes, the Democrate will gain the majority in Congress in the upcoming election

    With the current political climate becoming very murky and very partisan, the Democrats may finally regain the majority seats in Congress in the current election cycle. Far too many times, we have seen where Republican majority districts and congressman have done nothing to stop the grow of increasingly partisan politics and have allowed the far right to rule their party as a whole. Their actions are turning off their core base and their actions are backfiring on them. Because of this, the democrats stand to gain the majority again in Congress.

  • Democrats will win the majority in Congress

    Democrats will regain the majority in both houses of Congress this election. Republican nominee Donald Trump is likely to hurt his party's chances by the things he continues to say. There will be those that are fearful what he will do if his party controls Congress. Democrats Republicans also keep hurting themselves on key issues such as gun control and gay rights.

  • Yes, I believe that the Democrats will gain the majority in Congress this coming election.

    Yes, I believe that the Democrats will gain the majority in Congress this coming election because Donald Trump is the Republican nominee and his leadership will turn voters away from the Republican party. Most Americans believe that the Republican party is racist and bigoted because of the comments of the leaders of the party, and I believe that will harm them in the coming election.

  • No, Democrats will not gain a majority in Congress.

    The Democrats will most likely not gain control of Congress this election. Yes, Donald Trump's unpopularity will make it difficult for Republicans to win the White House this year. However, the electorate is still very upset with the way things are going in the United States. Also, many do not like Hillary either; and do not want Democrats to have full control of the government. Many Republican members in the House are in safe districts too. In short, it will be difficult for Democrats to regain Congress this election.

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