• Convention Riots Fueled by Dissenters from Democrats

    Lets face it, the Democrats will do anything to disrupt the GOP events. They have the money and the backdoor means to pay protesters to be the trouble they want the media to portray to the public. Dishonest yes, but aren't all politicians? Isn't that the whole game now, isn't that what they count on to get into office and use "to the victor go the spoils".

  • Actions of a Few Bad Eggs Lead to Riots

    No doubt about it, Trump is an incendiary figure, and his statements throughout the race for a Republican nominee have inflamed large segments of the population that care deeply about some of the issues that he is discussing. Many of them will likely gather at the convention and let their voices be heard. Among these groups of protesters you find provocateurs and anarchists who seem to revel in escalating violence between the protesters and the police, and causing destruction to private property. Come convention time, I wager more than a few of these miscreants will attempt to smear, yet again, the actions of lawful citizens exercising their constitutional rights, and the police will be forced to deal with them, causing the overall perception of a riot.

  • Yes, the GOP convention will cause riots.

    There will likely be riots during the Republican National Convention. Many are angry over the choice of Donald Trump as the party's nominee. Some party members will protest his nomination, as well as many left-wing groups that are angered by his bombastic remarks. Trump has created a lot of controversy with immigration activist and many others during this campaign.

  • Riots at Convention Inevitable

    Yes, the GOP convention will likely cause riots. The nomination of Trump is a seriously divisive issue. Those who do not want Trump as the nominee are very angry at the possibility that he will be a candidate. They are personally offended by him. If there is an effort to nominate someone else, Trump supporters will be very angry. Unfortunately, that will likely lead to riots.

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