Will the manner of Robin Williams's death ruin his reputation as an actor?

  • Yes, it will definatly taint his life.

    When a person dies in such a "selfish", pointless, and quite frankly stupid way, it leaves a bad image whenever any of their other decisions are looked at. While Robin Williams definitely brought a lot of joy to society, he unfortunately threw a lot of it away when he abandoned himself and those who depended on him.

  • Greats live on

    The Comedy legend could not ruin his reputation even if he tried.
    From everything to hilarious gut busting comedies to kids movies then to show his impressive acting skills he stared in several serious roles which can bring an audience to tears.

    Someone so loved, and revered shall live on in infamy.
    RIP Robin Williams

  • Robin Williams suicide will not destroy his acting reputation

    To erase someone's talent because of the manner is which they died does not seem possible. I don't think suicide has destroyed any actor's reputation. The general population, and particularly artists, have dysfunction in our lives. His life struggles may in fact be the reason why he made so many of the choices in his life that led to his great career. Also, I feel that ending one's life is a right and if his quality of life was so diminished that he wanted out, who am I to pass judgment on him and more specifically to allow that judgment to erase his career.

  • Robin Williams death

    No I do not think that Robin Williams's death will ruin in reputation as an actor. He will always be perceived as an amazing comedian. Many people looked up to him and now that he has passed many people will find support in the manner of his death because they may be going through the same thing.

  • The suicide will only add to his legend.

    The only way to make a famous person more famous is to have a noteworthy death. Robin Williams taking his own life will only add to his legend. It will be a great final chapter in books and in movies made about him. It will have us talking about him for years.

  • Removing Stigma of Mental Health Conditions and Care

    Robin Williams was an addict. Robins William was depressed. What led one of the funniest men ever to grace the big screen to commit suicide. We all are familiar with the expression "Laughter is the best medicine" but Robin Williams exposed such naive concepts. Robin Williams appeared to all he encountered as being gleeful and happy. No one claimed to see any signs. This occurred due to a lack of knowledge. We need more research and healthcare advancements in treating healthcare.Robin Williams' reputation should not be blemished because of a disease he suffered. No one can understand how he felt. His death should be used to benefit humanity like he used his comedic talent to benefit humanity.

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