• Yes, the meek will inherit the earth.

    The meek will inherit the earth according to the Bible. Of course, most of nonbelievers may not agree with this statement since they will think of the earth to be money, power, and honor and the happiness coming from them. And to achieve them they have be competitive and aggressive, far from being meek. But the meek inherit the earth by receiving peace and joy given from God by giving up the earth defined in the above.

  • The meek are weak

    To be a leader you can't be meek. You have to be assertive, determined, and can't let yourself be distracted. Many people are okay with being "meek". I don't want to be a leader, responsible for such important decisions. But those who do definitely won't get there by being meek.

  • Very Unlikely

    The meek will not inherit the Earth because they will fall victim to the assertive people. The meek will be used and abused to the point they either change their ways to be more like their abusers or live a miserable life until death being meek. This is a dog eat dog world, and there is no room for those not willing to stand up for themselves and their convictions.

  • No, the meek will not inherit the Earth.

    No, I don't believe that the meek will inherit the Earth. There are so many different beliefs that stem from the Bible, but as many as there are, most of them are vague and questionable rather than foretelling. Presuming Jesus meant the weak and gentle people of Earth by the term "meek", then no, the meek will not be inheriting the Earth anytime soon. The Earth, history has shown, has been a very "dog eat dog" type of place, or in other words, a place where only the strong survive. Nature has also shown this to be true, as the strongest predators are always atop the food chain.

  • No, the meek will not inherit the earth

    Life evolved out of competition for resources. It is the strongest, most fit organisms that survive and the meek are far from this label. To be meek is to be dependent on others for your own survival. So long as there are species on earth, competing for resources that are not available to all, the weakest often die out and do not contribute their genes to the population.

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