Will the mission to rescue sick scientists from the South Pole be successful?

  • Yes, the rescue mission to the South Pole will be successful.

    Historically very few planes have flown into the South Pole during their winter. Although the upcoming rescue mission will occur at deepest part of winter any plane has flown, they will succeed. The company, crew and plane flying this mission are extremely experienced at winter flying. The crew also has a reputation as smart and adaptive. The mission will be entered into with the mix of caution and creativity that will ease them toward a successful flight.

  • Yes, I think this mission can be successful.

    I think this mission can absolutely be a successful one. Our flight technology is so much more advanced than it ever has been, which increases the plane's chance of arriving at the South Pole safely. Additionally, they will be monitoring the weather and other factors very closely, so they'll know if it's safe to fly in. The pilot and his crew will not choose to fly in conditions that are overly hazardous.

  • Yes, it will be

    There is not doubt in my mind that the mission will be successful. All parties involved know what they are doing so there should be no errors or misjudgements. The scientists will be rescued in short order, and will be brought home safe and sound. That much is most assured

  • Only time will tell.

    We can not predict the future but if the rescue mission is planned carefully and everything goes according to plan then there is a big chance it will be successful. On that note, things very rarely go according to plan but if we hold out hope then maybe it will be successful.

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