• Because Hillary IS AWFUL

    Hillary clinton is a c*nt. She likes to take over nations, including this one, and once threw a basket of pretty kittens off a bridge and laughed while they drowned. She is a rotten person and must be strongly rebuked as the cyborg alien she actually is. VOTE GARY JOHNSON FOR AMERICA!!!

  • The NFL is already losing ground to NCAA football

    People see the rule changes and see the NFL for what it is a company. The product isn't as good as it was. The NFL has brought court drama in and eliminated the true aggression from the sport. Football is a tough and physical sport and it should stay that way.

  • Rule Changes Will Kill the NFL

    If the NFL continues down the path it is on the NFL will die out. Because of the new rules and regulations about safety (albeit good ideas), many of the aspects of the game which draw people to it will be removed. The reason why the NFL will die out is because in order to protect the players the game will be fundamentally changed in such a way that the sport, not just the NFL, will, for the most part, die out.

  • I sure hope so

    I sure hope so. Tired of the egos and tired of the league. Football is a boring game and the league is just too progressive for my taste. I'm waiting for the days when I no longer have to hear NFL talk 24/7 by Sports Networks. I hope the league dies out.

  • Nfl referees, "set in stone"

    No issue involving referees has been addressed. I believe the lockout may have been a ploy to woo the fans, and ploys have happened more often in this era than any other. Arrogant proprietors, horrible commissioner, horrible referees calling the games. This is not a matter of unfair, but a matter of unfair to the players. Sanctions are not in place on game-changing calls. Should referees be allowed to revert a critical down in games after they allow a play to occur to its completion? If so, then the NFL should die effective immediately. The set in stone rule has caused a stir, and it is unfair to teams and coaches who have to play in accordance while refs are not sanctioned and faulted for the antics of their weakest and most impetuous judgment. If refs aren't capable of facilitating a game, then they should be held strictly responsible to their merits as much as the teams they facilitate.

  • Everything in due time fades away

    The notion that the NFL is a permanent institution which will never not be around is ridiculous. It will likely be around for many decades to come but as humans advance and evolve, our tastes change. Technology might redirect human interest from watching others play a sport on a field. It might also be decided that the medical risks and side-effects of playing a high impact sport are not acceptable by future societies.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • It is very strong

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  • The NFL is at it's Peak

    The NFL is at it's height of popularity and even it begins to decline over the next 10-20 years with the amount of money and fans the league has it will continue to be a powerhouse sport and league for a very long time. And who says that it won't get bigger. As of right now no the NFL is not going to die out.

  • No, the NFL will not die out

    The NFL is an institution in America. Many people are invested emotionally and financially in the organization. All the way from the Organization officials and athletes, to the advertisers who drop serious coin for air time during the Super Bowl, to fans who mortgage their house to get tickets to the Super Bowl. Football is not going anywhere anytime soon.

  • Not Anytime Soon

    The NFL is one of the strongest and most recognizable American institutions out there. Football is pretty synonymous with American culture, and the league is still very strong both as a symbol and as a business. Each team helps the other teams succeed due to their profit-sharing practices, which ensures that the NFL will last for a long long time.

  • The NFL Will Always Have Its Place

    The NFL has been around for many years and, in my opinion, does not show signs of dying out. This is mainly due to its audience. Many people support American football and some go so far as to make their lives revolve around it. It is a healthy and socially acceptable way of releasing aggression for the NFL's audience and players, and therefore, it will always have a place in America.

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