Will the Paralympics overcome the obstacles of being in Rio and be successful like the Summer Olympics?

  • Yes, they will overcome obstacles.

    Yes, the Paralympics Games will overcome obstacles in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, just as the summer Olympics did. And just like the summer games, it will be a success. First of all, the organizers are used to challenges and they will find solutions. Second, and just as importantly, the officials at Rio have practice in hosting a large event thanks to the olympics that recently ended.

  • Yes, the Paralympics will become successful.

    Yes, the Paralympics will become successful because of the perseverance of its competitors. Paralympic athletes are some of the strongest and most athletic competitors in the world, and have done far more to achieve success than the average able-bodied athlete in the Olympics. It is only a matter of time before viewership increases.

  • The Paralympics will overcome the problems presented by Rio and be successful.

    The Olympic Games faced a number of problems in Rio, including those presented by inadequate security. However, by now, the bugs have been worked out and the stage has been set for a successful event. The Paralympic athletes are also used to facing adversity and they have the spirit and drive to overcome anything, including substandard athlete housing and crime-ridden neighborhoods.

  • No, they will not.

    The paralympics have a few more obstacles to contend with, just the same way that the paralympic athletes do in their everyday life. The Olypics were successful, because aside from a terrible catastrophe there was not way they could fail. The same is not true of the paralympic games in Rio.

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