Will the public outcry over Clinton's emails impact her chances of getting elected?

  • Yes, it will have an impact.

    In an election year, anything an canidate says or does has in impact on whether or not they will win the election. In this particularl election, the e-mail scandal will probably not cost her the election because the race is not close, but it may cause some people to vote for third party candidates.

  • Yes, to some extent the public's response to Clinton's email scandal can impact her chances of winning the election.

    In my opinion, before and after the email scandal, there were people that both support her and oppose her. These people will unlikely have changed their viewpoint, but the swing voter may be impacted by the rhetoric that is surrounding this email server scandal. She will likely lose some potential votes over this scandal.

  • Yes, this public outcry could hurt Clinton's chances of getting elected.

    The public outcry over Hillary Clinton's email scandal will likely hurt her chances of getting elected president. A majority of Americans are upset that the FBI did not recommend any criminal charges against Clinton. Many believe that Clinton sees herself as too big to prosecute for any crimes. This could create anger among voters that feel upset she got away with a potential crime.

  • Yes, it might hurt her a little.

    Hillary Clinton's email scandal has received a huge amount of media coverage. There are a lot of people who hated her before the scandal and still hate her now. There are also people who loved her before the scandal and still love her now. However, there are a lot of people in the middle, and some of those people could be affected by the coverage.

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