Will the rich take over the world in the future?

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    The only major problem in capitalism was poverty disparity. The rich gets richer, the poor poorer. Soon, the rich will be indirectly running the government. Also, with their bribes and lawyers, it will be everything for them. Also, it is impossible for the poor to get rich: the only ways to get rich are that you get money out of thin air, like lottery, or you go to college to get better jobs... Which requires money :)! Get what i am saying?

  • The rich own you.

    You are already someones property. You consume media, buy products and are indoctrinated by a culture that has been purchased and is being propagated by a select few. Taken even to a simpler aspect - is there anything that you wouldn't do for the right amount of money? Very few things. They own you.
    Naturally this status of things will escalate over time as the rich are given access to the latest and most expensive of medical and technological advancements. Technology will allow only the rich to extend their lives and enhance their bodies and minds (which already surpass you due to their access to expensive education/nutrition/the best advisement).

  • Just look back 100 years ago

    Wealth distribution each year is wider and wider. The rich can take over the future thus if the people revolt well be back to square one. Just look back 100 years before the progressive era workers were treated like animals, wages were low, and politicians were bought easily. Laissez faire does not work. Eventually someones action will hurt others. Everything should have a balance. The idea that hard work pays of is a myth. Most workers work hard all their life but never turn rich. It is just a victorian era saying to keep the factory workers with the hope that one day just maybe they'll be rich. I don't care, if i turn rich ill share my wealth for the common good of the people. For humanity not me :)

  • YES, the mega rich are taking over the world

    The mega rich are taking over the world, their money makes even more money slowly draining all the money out of the society, leaving less for everyone else every day. It is getting harder and harder to escape poverty as time goes on, most people need to work a whole lifetime just to try and escape poverty, is only going to get worse in the future

  • It's already this way.

    The people with the money are the people who control the majority of political decisions and the money flow. A recent example is with the republicans and the donors in the Obama care debate. The rich wanted the Republicans to stop making a fool out of themselves and because they had money, it worked.

  • I hate when people say the rich get richer the poor get poorer.

    Rich people generally work hard for their money and shouldn't have to give it away to lazy people. The rich work for years and save to get their money and the stupid dole people take it. The people in schools that look rich usually arn't because they waste their money trying to look rich and to have the best stuff. People who look not so rich generally are because they save. People get off your ass and stop being lazy and the world is run by hard workers. Not rich people

  • The only way is down.

    The rich have already taken over the world. They run the government, media and society. Marx said that capitalism would cause successive crises until it became so bad that the victims of them would rise up and overthrow capitalism. Consciousness among the population is increasing, and the current system that allows the rich to run society shall be eradicated, peacefully or not.

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