• He has a problem

    I was impressed by Donald Trump's recent response to the police shootings. I wasn't impressed with him...just his speech writers. He is now trying to be politically correct when he has been cruel and insensitive all along. Like many other voters out there, I'm not deaf and I have a long memory. All the offensive political diatribe that he has made in the past reverberates through my head like a broken record. It's just too late to try to change now.

  • Trump continues to lead in the polls.

    Trump continues to do well in recent polling and surveys. It is important to remember that Trump is also the only candidate left in the running for republican president. The republican convention would not ruin his chances, if anything he'll be made even more insidious and popularized by the media.

  • No, uncertainty will not ruin his chances.

    No, the uncertainty of Trump's campaign will not ruin his chances, but the things he has said will. He has said terrible things about groups of people and fellow presidential candidates. Uncertainty has never ruined anything. He says despicable things and the media seems to turn a blind eye to those things. It's just a matter of time before all the things he has said and done come back to haunt him.

  • No, the uncertainty of Trump's campaign will not ruin his chances.

    The uncertainty surrounding Donald Trump's presidential campaign will not necessarily hurt his chances of winning. However, Trump's heated rhetoric and offensive remarks could certainly hurt him with voters. The Trump campaign has been unconventional from the start. This is not a bad thing in a year when voters are so frustrated by the status quo. In short, the Trump campaign's uncertainty will not ruin his chances of winning, as long as he can stay on message with voters.

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