Will the United States become a third world country by 2020?

  • By many different measures, the US is already there, most just won't realize it until 2020.

    The US has a massive debt to GDP ratio, failing education system, poor healthcare for all except those at the very top, failing telecommunications infrastructure, the most jailed people in the world, a government that spies on its own people, an extremely high murder rate, extremely high unemployment, lowering standards of living, a bought and paid for government by the richest of people, failing patent and trademark system, etc...

  • It would be very hard yo become a Third World Country

    Even though our debt is massive, keep in mind our GDP only annually is still ten times greater than all of our debt combined, interest included. For every dollar we owe, we make 10 dollars. If the politicians would just destupify themselves and go to work cutting our debt with this overwhelming advantage of profit over debt we could pay it off within a year, maybe over the course of a few years, like 5 no more than 10 years in order to not strain the economy or create an unstable balance. So with debt easy to take care of, what else is there to make us a third world country?

  • No, It Will Not Be a Third World Country By 2020

    It will be later than that. Perhaps the 2030s? When that debt grows insufferably large, then it's game over for the US. When we're spending 50% of our GDP paying off the interest of the debt, then there is little hope for the US left. When 100% of our GDP is spent paying the interest of the debt, then there is no hope left.

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