Will there be a time, in the future, when we should stop developing new technology?

  • We need a beautiful Earth.

    Technology makes people lazy. Yes, school is harder than it used to be, and they should lift the pressure off, but having all these gadgets around us will make people nonetheless lazy. No one will want to work. Obesity? Because all you do is sit at home and become addicted to that stupid thing in your hands. Humans were stronger in old times. Hospitals should have gadgets, but we shouldn't.

  • It's gone too far already.

    Technology has gone past the point of helping, and has already started to push us into decline. Productivity is going up, but employment has stopped going up with it. Machines are taking over more and more jobs. It is also making us less social because we learn to interact with machines instead of people. People's working morale is also decreasing by each generation. We are constantly watched somehow. Cell phones can be tracked. On the planet we have nuclear warheads capable of destroying most of humanity. Viruses become more potent due to being treated with more powerful medicines. Our physique is devolving. I could go on. And on.

  • Your WiFi, playstation, iPad, and cell phone have taught you to be lazy, disconnected, and stop thinking clearly.

    I just love how in all of the global warming, population vs agriculture, environmental, landfill, clean water, etc. debates; people are still under the illusion that we NEED to develop new technology to help us figure out the solution to these problems. Yes, let's toss our old phones and iPads into the oceans and landfills, have them recycled by industrial standards, and produce new ones in China and further blacken the skies so we can get an obvious answer from better computers. When did people learn to stop thinking for themselves? Probable when Steve Jobs bought our souls.

  • We are loosing social ability

    Technology is hindering us at human interaction. So called 'Social Media', is making us less sociable and it is common place to see people in groups not conversing with one another but with other people who are not present over phones. I do agree that it is essential medical advancements continue, as well as other scientific fields, however, we must limit the technology available to the public for recreation as it is rapidly decreasing our conversational skills and lowering the quality of our relationships.

  • From 2000-2005 should have been technology's peak.

    All of the social networks and advancements in phones after this time frame have taken over society. You can't drive in your car, listening to the radio without a prompt to join in on social media. Smart phones are an addiction many people will never get away from. Even in high schools, kids used to talk in their free time, not just bury themselves in screens. The only technology i wish would never stop advancing is the kind that cures diseases, and eventually cancer. Overall technology is just too much, it's impossible to escape!

  • From 2000-2005 should have been technology's peak.

    All of the social networks and advancements in phones after this time frame have taken over society. You can't drive in your car, listening to the radio without a prompt to join in on social media. Smart phones are an addiction many people will never get away from. Even in high schools, kids used to talk in their free time, not just bury themselves in screens. The only technology i wish would never stop advancing is the kind that cures diseases, and eventually cancer. Overall technology is just too much, it's impossible to escape!

  • Tech has helped us and all, but what happens when we're not able to function without it?

    Already we're seeing signs of tech dependency in children who have the latest models and brands. These children take their iPhone or whatever everywhere, and are unable to have a simple conversation with another child. Soon enough, simple actions like eating and drinking will involve the use of gadgets. Also, if there was a power outage of some sort, we might die out. I'm not saying we should stop innovating now, but there is a limit to what we should do, even if we can do more. And of course, what happens if we make some sort of supermachine that can improve on itself, and reproduce? I'm scared to say it, but if we do, we will have created a machine that quite possibly will annihilate our race, and take over the world.

  • Kill it before it kills us

    Right now, I'm in the "technology is good" camp and believe that we should continue to press ahead with tech development. Admittedly, a lot of what technology offers us is frivolous (3D TV, twitter, smart hair straighteners) but much is also of value to the human race (blood glucose meters, airbag sensors, pollution free travel.) However, the point in time is surely coming, where we will develop a machine that can a. Replicate itself and b. Improve on itself (i.E. Evolve) At that point, we will have started something impossible to stop. Machines will procreate and evolve into a super-species which will be ubiquitous and which will brush humans aside. After the human race is extinct, the earth and its environs will be inhabited by these machines. We need to be alert to the approach of this singularity and have in place the necessary safeguards. Experts anticipate somewhere between 2040 and 2100 as the date. Personally, I think it will be a hundred years or so more. A related point - if we are ever to be visited by alien intelligence, experts agree that it is overwhelmingly likely to be "non-biological" intelligence; the biological intelligence which spawned it having long since expired.

  • We do not know the consequences

    We do not know the consequences of such advanced technologies as uploading your brain to a computer or advanced robots (if they developed consciousness whats to say they don't destroy "obsolete" humanity?) and are throwing away all of our values and morality purely for the "novelty" if you will of new technology. SLOW DOWN why are we in such a rush for new technology? There should be no rush. New technology should be proposed and then voted on by some type of committee to weigh its benefits vs consequences. Today technology goes straight from the drawing board to reality with few regulations. With the path we are on human interaction will soon be obsolete and it will be a sad, sad day. Throwing away the gift of life in the wake of technology seems so backwards it makes me cringe. We invented computers. Computer work for us. We should always reign supreme to them and they should never overtake us.

  • They should stop developing new technology

    If people keep creating new technology then the world will become a very lazy place, and people will not want to go to work. If new technologies keep being created then the little children will become very spoiled and they will beg and beg for things until they get them, then they wont learn anything and they will be lazy as well, because they will be so used to people doing things for them, that they wont want to do things on their own.

  • Human Nature to Develop

    It is in our nature, as humans, to strive every second and achieve the best possible stance. We need to survive in this world and if we stop advancing and continue as we are we will perish. Technology has given us much more than we could have hoped for in every filed of life and it is willing to give more if we could just take the opportunity.

  • It should never happen this world will be destroyed

    People are so dependent on technology that thery will not be able to do anything without it and they will go into chaos and people will be killed and people will rob other people in order to survive. If this ever happens we will end up going into a civil war with the government.

  • Without technology, we'd be dead!

    Technology is vital to culture and human life. Without technology, hospitals wouldn't know what to do! Also, we would not be going anywhere without technology, we'd be lost and have to walk everywhere we had to go. If you think that new technology is going to kill us, well it doesn't! With new technology, we could teleport, fly to the depths of space (father than our solar system) or even find cures to diseases like AIDS or cancer!

    Posted by: Mist
  • Technology Is key to the future evolution the Human race.

    Without technological advancements, human beings would not be on this planet today. Innovation and refinement of technologies lead us from primitive beings to the dominate species on the planet.

    There will come a time where all of our needs (food, water, power, housing, healthcare) will be satisfied by advanced technologies, however, like all modern technology, refinement and innovation will increase productivity, efficiency and decrease possible negative side effects such as ecological and environmental effects.

    When Robotics and Artificial intelligence has reached an advanced stage, all manual labour and menial tasks will no longer be carried out by human beings. Human beings will not strive to simply survive as is the case in most 3rd world or economically down trodden countries/regions around the planet. Human beings will strive to thrive, We will begin to properly look towards interplanetary travel, Terra forming, sociological and cultural advancements, etc, etc.

  • Keep Moving Forward

    It is in human nature to explore and develop and to go beyond limits. Our planet is doomed to die but we are not. Eventually we will run out of space, resources, or time and I want my blood line to live on. It is in human nature to survive. It is a part of our animalistic side, and we cannot repress it; when the time comes we will be asked if we want to live or die--I will choose life. No matter your religious stance, if you even have one, it's a sin in whatever terms to waste life. Think of this; when you order a new phone someone in China makes, someone assembles it in the US, someone receives the revenue, and you enjoy the phone. You have now spread your influence around the world, employed someone, and provided them with the means to live. The world keeps turning and it revolves around communication and development. To keep a balance we must keep moving in order to keep things running the same. You may see the process of getting your Iphone boring but I see it in a different light that on that phone you would make a video that makes others laugh, improving someone's day, and they improve another's from their good mood, and so on spreading the love. I don't question what is above or bellow; I keep moving. At the end we all will find out what is true or not, or maybe we won't be able to know because there is nothing. Then what does all of this mean? What made the things that made us? There are things that I will never question and things that are too big for me to know. In order to survive as a race we need to keep moving to come closer to understand what we can and what we are meant to. Do we honestly want to throw away what took millions of years to make? Or will we keep being human and continue to fight on? One word can spark a war that will change what? Laws, borders, languages? We are all in the same boat and once we realize this we will be unstoppable. You can cut one branch but ten others will grow off the branch in it's place. We will grow, develop change, and move forward. No matter who has a selfish desire to change the direction. We will survive.

  • Evolve or die.

    Our intelligence and the technology we created with it is the only reason for our survival as a species. It's the only reason the general population is so shielded from reality (i.E. Natural selection) that they can make short-sighted claims like the "Yes" side.

    Suppose we arbitrarily stop advancing our technology and just relax for an indeterminate length of time. Everything may be fine for hundreds of years. Then a threat to humanity appears, such as some kind of super virus or a large meteor. We aren't prepared to defend ourselves. A topic shows up on debate.Org: "Should we have actually done something in the past 500 years?"

    Posted by: Quan
  • There will be such a time!

    The human race should never stop advancing. If we do it will cause our own destruction. We are constantly fighting against many diseases. We will need to achieve space travel for the day that our planet would be destroyed. By what? Well it could be because of us, or for the people that say we can do away weapons then our planet would still be destroyed the the inevitable; the destruction of our own sun. The sun will not always be there and one day it will consume our planet. So o, humanity must continue advancing and look forward towards our future.

  • why should we?

    what has technology done to us? what would hospitals do with out it? And we need sattilite navgigations dont we!! we need to do home work how can we keep in touch with out phones an stuff like that and maysayso you can get healthy you can wach exercise programs. What if you miss something on tv? Just wach it on the laptop!

  • Technology is fundamental to the Human Identity.

    Not only is should we not stop developing technology, but we are naturally predisposed towards developing it. Attempting to stop the advance of technology would only slow it down, and would waste our potential even further. If anything, technology needs to advance at a faster rate and become more accessible to more people.

  • Humans should always develop new technology, because it is our main strength.

    Species survive by evolving certain strengths, and humanity has survived using intelligence. Technology is a sign of our intelligence, and there are always ways to improve our planet for our survival. It must be done in a way that is intelligent and careful, in order to avoid our destruction.

    Posted by: DisillusionedGilberto67

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Anonymous says2013-08-07T13:09:18.400
If we don't advance there will be no point to life. People always want more, there will always be something to advance on whether it be household items or making planets sustain life 5000 light years away. We will advance until the sun gives out, then we will just move to another planet.