• Criminals tend to get shot regardless of race

    More whites are shot each year by cops than blacks but the media is using just the black shootings to divide our country. Crime tends to be higher in black communities which is another debate to repair it. Still when crime is high in areas then yes people will be shot. Police are doing their job but they do not set out to kill people or just blacks. Black leaders need to help support the police by teaching youth to obey the police.

  • Who commits crimes?

    This is obvious. Black people commit crimes too. That is obvious. So as long as they commit crime, they will be at risk of being shot. I assume this question is supposed to be asking if unarmed black people will be shot. Well, yes. Unarmed people are shot. But, if you read through the data, you will find that most of the unarmed killed were going for the officers gun, or were acting violent.

  • These events are not new, only more visible

    Contrary to popular belief, police brutality towards black men is not a new phenomenon. Only a now more publicized phenomenon because events are being captured on camera and spread like wildfire exposing the flaws of a broken system. Even with all the publicity, there still has been no change--only finger pointing. So yes, there will continue to be police shootings of black men.

  • Yes, there will be more police shootings of black persons.

    Police shootings of black persons, as well as persons of other ethnic backgrounds, will continue to take place. Sometimes people are shot because they are uncooperative or dangerous. Other times people are shot because police make a mistake. Still other times people are shot because the police are bad individuals. This will not change in the future.

  • Yes, there will be more incidents of police shooting blacks.

    Unfortunately, there will be more cases of police shooting black suspects. Many of these suspects will not be dangerous. The recent attacks on police officers will make many in the law enforcement community more nervous when interacting with black suspects. Likewise the shootings of unarmed black suspects will make many communities more hostile toward law enforcement. In short, the recent violence between police and the black community will likely create further tension.

  • We cannot tell the future.

    We can't tell the future, but we can predict it. There will continue to - in my opinion - be shootings of black people, AND white AND latino persons alike. Although, due to the sad case of profiling, it will be likely that a black person will be shot again. Whatever the case, I think we should be careful around cops and treat them with respect either way.

  • Yes, as long as nothing is done to address institutionalized racism, we will continue to see black people targeted by police.

    If the government and the police training academies continue to do nothing about the flagrant racism affecting black people in terms of their treatment by the police, we will continue to see incidents such as the ones regarding Trayvon Martin and Sandra Bland. As long as police officers and precincts continue to suffer zero consequences for their institutionalized racism, then they will have no incentive to change their actions.

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