• Yes, there will.

    There may not be a cure the way many people traditionally think of a cure, but in the same way you can manage depression either through therapy or by taking medications, there will certainly be a cure. Scientists are working hard and they are very close to finding a cure.

  • Yes, I hope so.

    Alzheimer's and health care organizations admit there there are a lot of challenges to tackle before a cure for the disease is found.
    But there is certainly a great deal of confidence that one day, Alzheimer's will be eliminated from existence.We now understand much more about the progression of Alzheimer's disease and researchers are finding ways to identify people in the earliest stages where they have the best of developing treatments that work.

  • Yes there will

    There is no doubt that scientists across the world are working hard to find ways to prevent, treat and cure this debilitating condition. With an increase in scientific and medicinal development, we are bound to be able to cure diseases like Alzeimer's disease some time in the not so distant future.

  • It's old age

    No, there will never be a cure for Alzheimer's disease, because at some point people just get old. Alzheimer's disease is the brain simply becoming old and giving up. It is tragic, but it is beyond the human mind to comprehend. We can come up with ways to manage it, but we will never ultimately cure it completely.

  • Oh so what

    We are people, and we will still grow old and die a very old or young death. People need to accept that, and if they don't, then they will die a very painful and miserable death; knowing they have let themselves down by believing in things. That's why I don't.

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