• Yes, this will be the last Olympic match for Venus Williams

    It was a surprising defeat for the Williams sisters this week at the Olympics and Venus will not want to repeat another Olympic event. It has been an impressive career for both of the sisters but age is a factor and another four years will take its toll on their athletic skills.

  • Probably, but you never know.

    Venus Williams and her sister have been at the top of the women's tennis rankings for a long time. Venus is 36, so I think her career is winding down. However, most tennis players have retired by 36, but Venus is still playing, so who knows how long she can continue to play?

  • It's very likely

    The next Olympics is only another four years from now, and Venus is still ranked #6 in the world in her sport, so I think she could easily have another go at it, but at the next Olympics she will be 40 years old, and it's not very common for athletes to continue competing at that age. It's not unheard of, and I think we're seeing it more now than we have in the past, but in the end, it's risky for them to push themselves like that, and I'm sure Venus knows that.

  • Never count Venus out

    Venus Williams was sick before this Olympics even started, and it showed in her play. She is getting old in terms of tennis years, but both Williams sisters have shown that you can defy the odds and keep being a winner. Four years from now I think Venus will still be going strong, and will at least compete in doubles.

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