• Yes, I think so.

    As a conservative I support Donald trump, besides the fact that he's the only republican to vote for left. I agree to his ideas. But polls also show that he's leading by a long shot against his contender, Hillary Clinton, the lady who sent emails of Classified US information to a possible terrorist group.

  • Yes, I believe the Trump campaigns bullying tactics will give him an edge in the November elections.

    Although I am unhappy with it, I do believe that the aggressive stance taken by Trump and his campaign committee are very effective at getting him noticed by many potential voters who would otherwise have never heard of him. Many people will only ever hear about the latest controversial stance that Trump makes rather than the views of Clinton or the policy proposals that will actually affect their lives.

  • No, Trump has alientated too many people to win against Clinton.

    No, Trump will not win the election. He has alienated many people with his negativity and racists comments. Many people feel he has offended too many people and cannot handle foreign affairs with tact. Trump showed his bullying ways in the way he handled protesters at his rallies. While Trump does have many supporters and Clinton does have many people who don't support her, Trump's negative methods throughout the campaign will end up hurting him in the election.

  • I hope sanity will prevail

    Trump has made a much better showing that many people thought possible. Whatever you may say about Hilary, Donald Trump is not qualified to be the President of the United States. This really can't be happening. He has no background in policy, he is clearly demonstrating that he will not work with others in his own party. He is a bully who strikes out at anyone who criticizes him, including federal and Supreme Court judges. He doesn't understand the Constitution or even respect it. I can only hope that everyone will come to their senses. He would be an absolute disaster if elected.

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