• Past Reflects Future

    Yes, it seems likely that Trump will impose tax cuts on the wealthy once in office. Since he has no experience in government, one has to look to his business experience as an indicator of how he will act in the future. Past experience seems to show that Trump acts in his own best interest and is willing to do whatever it takes regardless of harm to those in his way. This would indicate that he will probably act to benefit the wealthy.

  • His party affiliation states the answer.

    He is a conservative republican. He probably will impose tax cuts on the rich. I personally don't mind. The rich worked hard for what they own and they should not be required whatsoever to give it out to the lazy people that don't want to do work to support themselves.

  • Yes, all Trump cares about is his money and how to keep as much of it as possible.

    If Trump becomes president, it is logical to assume that he will impose tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans. He has shown time and time again that all he cares about is himself and his money, and giving tax breaks to the rich would mean he would have to pay less in taxes and get to keep more of his money.

  • Right In Line With the GOP Tax Cuts Are On the Table

    Tax cuts for the rich are part of the GOP platform, the polar opposite of the Democrats. Donald Trump favors tax cuts to make leaner businesses and to support the American workforce inside it's boundaries. Tax cuts will certainly be visible and tangible at times in the coming GOP economy.

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