Will Trump make a better president than Hillary Clinton ?

Asked by: simonevinson
  • Yes he will.

    While trump wants to repeal obamacare; premiums go lower and jobs stay in our country. Hillary wants to keep Obamacare, where premiums stay high and jobs leave our country. Trump will make a good president and make America great again. Hillary will make it whole again. Greats better than whole.

  • Because of Bill Clinton...

    Hillary is not a bad person at all, well she wasn't. But because of the actions of her husband (Bill Clinton), he's set a bad look on her. Now, when Bill was running for office, he claimed to be Democratic. But once he got into office, he started switching up and started to use some of the Republican's ideas; even though he said he was a democrat. Yes Trump has his moments, where it makes you doubt if he's right in the head, but I think I'd rather have him, than someone who was tied into "stealing money" and someone who portrays to be one person, but then gets into office and is a whole new person. Now, I'm team democrat, but right now, it's all about what's best for our country and our future.

  • Trump is a Genius, Clinton is a Leader

    Trump knows how to pull strings, he knows how to gain votes and he knows how to make things happen but what he will 'make happen' is not at all what's int he best interest for the country.

    He doesn't negotiate, he just pretends to to make the other person give into him. Clinton knows how to listen much better than just talk and this is a very important reason why she's the better president.

    She will do what's bet for all, not just herself, not just the rich and not just the poor.

  • Trump is a joke

    Trump has no understanding of the political system, how could he possibly be a good politican? His political propositions are ridicolous. How does he plan to deal with ISIS? Ban Muslims from entering the United States, target the families of suspected terrorists and bomb the hell out of Syria! You can't bomb an entire country! He claimed China is "raping our country" and wants to launch a trade war with them. That would greatly increase the prices of basic necessities. And building a wall on the Mexican border? That's a childish solution!

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