• Trump with definitely take advantage of Hillary's illness.

    Trump lately, has been making the most absurd comments and "theories" such as Obama wasn't even born in the U.S.A. what kind of person would say that when there would have obviously been a checking up on that before he would be allowed to run as a candidate. He is extremely racist against all types of races especially the Mexicans. He has no clue what in the heck he's actually talking about, for the debates, he was asked his position on nuclear powers around the globe, and he didn't come close to answering the question. His response was not on the topic, and referred to the nuclear power, "nuclear". He will try everything he can(the most ridiculous things) to even get a single more vote.

  • Yes, Trump will try to take advantage of Clinton's illness.

    Since Donald Trump has been expressing concerns all along about Hillary Clinton not being "strong" enough to be president, he will certainly capitalize on her unfortunate bout with pneumonia. I feel he will do it in a subtle way but in a way that will cause voters to doubt her to his advantage.

  • Trump will seek to take advantage of Clinton's illness

    Donald Trump will try to seize on Hillary Clinton's illness. He has been making claims about her health. While he has said the right things, his surrogates will no doubt bring the issue up. He will also try to say she is hiding more serious health issues. He frequently makes claims with only the scantest of evidence.

  • Yes, Trump will certainly take advantage.

    Trump is the kind of person who takes advantage of anything and anyone to get ahead in the presidential race. I am certain that he will bring up Clinton's health issues in the near future to establish himself as the more fitting candidate to be elected into office. It is who he is.

  • He will use it.

    I think that Trump will use Clinton's illness to his benefit, but I also believe that she would do the exact same thing with him. Even without mentioning the illness, he can take advantage of this by hitting the campaign trail and connecting with people while she is unable to do so.

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