Will we always need to know how to write by hand?

  • We will always need to know how to write.

    I believe that hand writing is always going to be an essential part of education. So I think that it will never go out of date because there will always be a need for signatures. Also many of my high school teachers had us write stuff out on paper during tests so I think it will always be needed.

    Posted by: cf5
  • Everyone learns differently

    Getting rid of hand writing would take away from other subjects such as Math and Spelling. Writing helps with young children began the development of fine motor skills as well as hand eye coordination. Just the movement alone involved in writing for most people is the best way to learn.

  • Of course we do!

    One thing we will always need to know how to do is sign our name, whether that is on a receipt or a letter. Also handwriting adds a personal connection with the person you are writing to. I can't imagine a time when I would send someone a birthday card or a thank you letter that I didn't write by hand. I would feel absolutely rude.

  • It is an essential skill.

    I think that writing is an essential skill to have, it helps us to learn how to read and sticks with us because it is something we physically do rather than just hitting letter on a keyboard. Additionally, technology is not always available and hand writing something can sometimes be easier than typing it and having to print it off.

  • Yes We will always need to know how to write.

    I believe handwriting will always be an essential skill. It may be just for signing your signature or using a stylus on a tablet but we use our handwriting to sign off on legal documents that it is in reality the right individual. We also can't always rely on technology and if it were to fail and individuals could not write by hand it would be hard to get things done.

  • Yes, Writing is crucial to understanding of language.

    There are so many students in this day and age trying to learn a new language. Whether it is English-speaking students trying to learn a foreign language or a speaker of a foreign language trying to learn English. Without being able to write by hand, teaching a language would be all but impossible. Students need to understand how to physically create a word if they are going to understand it and use it. Not only that, but studies have proved that physically writing by hand is the best way to remember material. Teachers and Professors encourage students to take handwritten notes over typed notes because the physical act of writing information helps the brain remember it. Overall, writing by hand is crucial to the understanding of language.

  • Yes you will always need to write by hand

    There will never come a time where you will not need to write your signature on a receipt or even a card. You need to know how to hand write for tests and other school related reasons. Hand writing is a skill that you will always need no matter how technological advanced our world gets.

  • Not as much as we use it now, but we will always need to know how to write.

    To be able to effectively convey ourselves, particularly at a young age, we will need to know how to write. It is a form of communication and expression. Handwriting can never be replaced by technology. Even if it is not on a piece of paper and with a pen, we still need to know how to write.

  • Yes we do

    Writing is an important skill to have. That is one of the very first things you learn in elementary school and once you learn it, you are never going to forget it. There will be a time I believe it may fade but we are all still going to need to know it.

  • YES Yes Yes

    Writing is an essential building block for today's society as well as education. If a child does not know how to write, then how will they be able to master the english language, or enjoy classic literature? Reading and writing are two of the most important life skills that we must foster in children in order to have a generation of intelligent individuals

  • Eventually it will die out

    Even in the past few decades handwriting has decreased dramatically. With the increased in technology that the world is going to be faced it i feel that eventually everything the art will be lost in future generations. However I believe this will happen much later and no where near our own generation.

  • We have to let things go

    Over all recorded time there have been essential skills that have gone by the wayside. At one time we needed to hunt and gather to survive. Today we need grocery shopping skills. Handwriting is in that category. It was very important for a very long time, but quickly becoming less so, and eventually it will go away completely.

  • No paper will be gone one day

    Eventually we will live in a society where our signatures will be fingerprints or a chip or even a Futurama style wristband. Generations who believe writing letters is important in the social world are quickly dying off. Even the need for typing could one day be outdated. I don't see a need to keep teaching kids how to write cursive or write at all.

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