• Only with an RBE

    Someone said that people are too greedy.... It's much deeper than that. Our society has only evolved from survival of the fittest to survival of the richest. We have not achieved civilization.
    Once people get rid of money, religion, competition, and primitive thinking processes, and once people understand the scientific method, evolutionary morality, behavioral science, environmental factors, and cooperative problem solving- Maybe then we can achieve world peace. Of course people would need to start by realizing that everyone is a victim of culture. And once you understand that concept and understand why it is imperative to treat EVERY human being with respect and dignity, then we can focus on eradicating ignorance through getting adequate education to the masses. Then we can implement a resource based economy in which all of the world's resources are declared as the common heritage of everyone. From here forward we would automate and have a computer run world resource management system.
    I could go on, but that's not important. What is important is understanding how we can transition to end war, poverty, hunger, homelessness, disease, etc. Because many great organizations such as The Venus Project, don't have a good idea of how to transition from current governments into a peaceful civilization. That is why I have created the United City States. It is currently a micronation which is designed to become a global transitional government that emphasizes education, automation, RBE, localization, cooperation, rehabilitation, etc.
    Yes, sadly there are not many other transitional initiatives. Sadly because people today have accepted that poverty, war, religion, hunger, and homelessness can not be eliminated. Of course many of these people have not done the research to see if it is possible to take care of everyone on the Earth (resource wise). In a monetary economy people will be left to die. In a resource based economy everyone will live comfortably.

  • Yes we will

    Once everyone gains an extremely high intelligence level, people will see how counterproductive conflict is, and will instead work together to progress advancements. Yeah, that is pretty much it. War is pointless, and fighting is pointless, people shouldn't have to fight in the future. People will eventually leave earth too, so that would help.

  • Hard but possible

    Once humans reach a very high level of intelligence we will be able to put aside all differences and work on building a peaceful community where all people are equal when it comes to rights and responsibilities no matter race, gender, etc. and discard the human-natural way of primal thinking. However, this will not be an easy task since it is of human nature to not see eye to eye with other beings. A perfect society with no crimes like theft would not exist and function, at least not for long, people will get greedy and eventually it will all come crashing down. But greed is not the only reasons crimes and injustices will occur, humans also do crimes for the sake of the thrill and establishing dominance on others. I personally think that everyone deep down wants and is willing to work on world peace as long as it leads to happiness and human comfort.

  • Humans always want good to happen

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  • Humans always want good to happen

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  • We can and we will

    Peace çan obvio be achieved . We just need to realize that each and every soul is important . Everyone has a right tto live. And once poeple understant how awful it is to kill'once they understand that just like mother earth who is sacrificing eac h. And every moment if we become like her and thimk of others not only ourselves I'm sure peace will come back to earth

  • World Peace is Possible, but it might be very bloody to achieve it...

    Generations of cultural differences will not be eradicated as it is passed on to the next generation of leaders. As long as there is different cultures on Earth, differences will always be present. It is possible that in a very distant future, man will eventually learn to cooperate with each other in the event of impending destruction of the human race. Or it can be achieved by a very bloody war in which 1 very powerful nation (or group of nations) will dominate the world and eventually destroying and conquering all of the opposing nations completely. This was achieved with the destruction and occupation of Japan, Italy and Germany.

  • Humanity is ascending

    As a civilization (5th) we have reached the point of no return. We have evolved enough, that we do not need to kill each other anymore. As many of us have discovered the God within. There may be battles still for sometime,but no longer ears. It may not affect most of us immediately, but our hand children silo inherit the earth the way was originally designed to be. Shalom

  • First start by saying yes!

    Thinking positive...First start by saying yes...Then focus on how to achieve. Because when you start thinking that it is possible, you actually try to think what should be set right to achieve it. Atleast there is hope that we are going try out different ways to achieve world peace which to some extent it will be helpful. But when you say NO, there left no hope at all!
    After all, we cant change everyone's opinion but we ourselves can. World is not going to be peaceful overnight. But its a long term process. Concentrating first on little things like fights at home then later focusing on big issues like wars it is possible!

  • No, probably not.

    Disagreement is human nature. And as long as humans are disagreeing about something, there can't be peace. World peace would require total harmony and world-wide agreement. The idea of world peace would logically eliminate freedom of thought, speech, and actions. World peace is probably not ever going to be achieved.

  • Can be improved however not possible to be achieved.

    To have world peace means every individual of every nation is in harmony. That there is no conflict such as a war or between groups. Even a small argument between colleagues means no peace. Us humans all have different ways of thinking as well as what we think is right or wrong varies among people. In our society, every individual is said to be unique and different. So why would we think that we could all come to the same realizations. World peace may actually lead to worse problems for our Earth. If everyone were to agree with each other and the decisions we made, how would we tell from whats right and wrong seeing as there would only be a one sided argument, always. To express how we feel and disagree with certain things are healthy for us. If we all had to be in harmony, we are eliminating our freedom and either way it is not possible. If it were, we would all look the same, dress the same, live the exact same lives because we would all make the same decisions. Unfortunately, we are humans and to disagree is just our nature.

  • Quixotic Thinking. Let's be realistic!

    There is no way in hell that World Peace would ever be achieved. Why? Because there is too much history, too much human angst, too much greed, too much hatred. Unless someone or something can magically erase history and wipe the slate clean... Maybe... Still very unlikely though... So no.

  • Quixotic Thinking. Let's be realistic!

    There is no way in hell that World Peace would ever be achieved. Why? Because there is too much history, too much human angst, too much greed, too much hatred. Unless someone or something can magically erase history and wipe the slate clean... Maybe... Still very unlikely though... So no.

  • No flippn way!

    Pipe dream! Oh it's the greedy.... Not the free loaders, never worked a day in my life, but have 10 kids to 8 different jobless gang bangers losers. It's not greed its work ethic!!! Until those people are gone don't bet I'm down to bust my ass so u can skate through life. Sounds more like communism to me.

  • Humans aren't co-operative with everyone

    People are never going to achieve world peace... This world is infested with the greedy people who want nothing but power of others, or the people who are thirsty for a fight and leads to racism and discrimination. The world has less good in it, most people start their anger as kids (bullies) and slowly develop a much worse anger in some cases. Then there are people who just find it good to yell at a person. Most of these are in the higher people in law sometimes and will not co operate with others. Say if one person looks different, will he be a freak or if one religion has different ideals, it will be an evil one that we should avoid? So to conclude, world peace may never ever be in these conditions, if it was an option then the people who will make world peace will have a lot of obstacles in their way and may conclude in death so they are playing it safe by following the social ideals. So then it is not going to be achievable.

  • Struggle is more than human nature its life.

    Survival of the fittest is more than who the stronger and larger alpha is, but who survives the tumultuous hallucination of existence, who survives the cold, the dark, the desert and who masters the land, that is the nature of life, there will always be those that threaten the sanctity of our laws, our ways or even our land because an oasis in the desert will always attract attention those that live there must be ever wary of invaders, humanity is no less animal than we ever were and that will never change.

  • People all over the world are ready and willing to sacrifice their freedom for the sake of "peace."

    I believe that the nations of the world will unite and have "peace" for a while, but in the end it won't last. As long as humans are in charge their will be no lasting peace. But their is one hope for peace in the form of the Prince of Peace Jesus. Thank you and God bless.

  • People can put..

    ..Apart small differences, but there are way too many unique religions, systems and cultures on the face of the earth to allow people to easily get along in order to help towards the world peace. The best that people around the world can do is to 'tolerate' other people, and even just that word shows how further away we really are from achieving peace.

    Of course, this is only something that has been fitting for humanity up until now, and we will never know what tomorrow will bring. Hopefully, it will bring us closer to world peace.

  • Put simply, it's completely impossible.

    First off, the phrase "world peace" is way too vague. Are you arguing that there will be no more wars, no more skirmishes, no more violence, or no more fighting of any kind? None of those will happen because people are naturally so different, that in order for there to be true world peace, everyone would have to be the same. There will never not be a conflict, even if it's a big scale war, or just a disagreement between colleagues.

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