Will we ever need guns to revolt against the U.S. government?

  • Freshstart. New Generation!

    Its time for america to take the stand. The whole word is waiting for is to revolt. Fascist politicians are a thing of the past. Live free or die. We are not scared. The young adults of this nation are behave and smarter than our parents generation. All of this madness must stop. I want to start a revolution against the US Government. My name is Kevin Gilmore and I will die foe whoever believes in freedom.

  • Do unto others as you expect them to do unto you.

    If the government were to be posed with the same question but in quelling a revolt, would they use guns? Yes/no, I believe we all know what the governments response to that would be. This has been proven time and time again and as the US government amasses more ammunition, it makes you wonder why...

  • Why its yes

    The government is too powerful hitler took away guns so they couldn't revolt and look what happened. That is going to happen and WE MUST REVOLT we must keep our guns to revolt violence is last words are first but now is time to take back our country fight free

  • Where'd People Get The Idea That Corruption Is a Thing Of The Past?

    If the Government turned tyrannical, hypothetically, then I think that we'd have it in the bag, really. In this country, we have almost as many guns owned by private citizens as people. That means that if the majority of people rose up and shared weapons, most everyone would be armed. Japanese Admiral Yamamoto may have never actually said that "You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass," but the facts still stand. With only 3 million troops in the armed forces, active duty and reserve, it seems apparent that we have them outnumbered at nearly a literal 100 to 1 ratio. To assume that we had no chance is to assume that any contender in any wars past had no chance at victory. Here's a bit of military strategy. Once you've conquered a region of any size, you have to occupy it with troops to maintain control of it. We've all played Risk, right? How the heck are 3 million troops going to occupy the entire United States? That's far beyond impossible. To anyone who prescribes a psychiatrist to those who believe this, I recommend you attend middle school again. Or for the first time. If you think that 100 to 1 or even 50 or 25 to 1 is in any way a good ratio in war, you need to retake those History and Arithmetic classes.

  • Yes, maybe

    There could be a time in the future when guns are needed in an organized revolt. Who are we to say never? I bet people in England two hundred years ago never thought that a revolt was needed and look what happened. However, these guns should be in the hands of the responsible.

  • Yes we need to revolt against them now

    Our constitution isn't as great as people make it. The framers set it up so the educated property owners in their time were in control and the only educated people around were the rich. If you really look into it, it's all for the rich and how to keep the rich in power and how to keep the poor from uprising against them. Also my professor even showed us how similar the causes of shay's rebellion and the Great Depression were and it was literally the same thing the government was doing. Only difference is that people revolted against the government back then but people didn't during the Great Depression even though what happened was the same thing. We had a discussion and some point out its because the government has military power and people are just more scared today. It's really sad it takes 1 person (Bernie sanders) get tell people what the hell is going on. Whether he wins or not he's getting people to open their eyes on what has been going on for years. We need to uprise against the government and we're gonna need guns. If all of the people uprise, they don't stand a chance.

  • It is had not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on yhier knees.

    I am looking to find any and all 3%rs oath keepers and patriots. Im ready to revolt and fight the time for a peaceful power ship sadly died long ago. I hit for my country seeing what this sick regime has dome to her. I am sick of being oppressed. I am ready. Where the hell are my patriot brother and sisters. You seem to have vanished.

  • It is had not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on yhier knees.

    I am looking to find any and all 3%rs oath keepers and patriots. Im ready to revolt and fight the time for a peaceful power ship sadly died long ago. I hit for my country seeing what this sick regime has dome to her. I am sick of being oppressed. I am ready. Where the hell are my patriot brother and sisters. You seem to have vanished.

  • Yes we need guns

    You're very correct Kevin. A group of people and I have been forming a group. We call ourselves United Federal States or UFS for short. When war breaks out, look for us on the news. We'd be happy for you to join us. Always willing to accept another hand in the fight, and I know the military pretty well. So they'd get their butts whooped before they even knew what happened

    Posted by: UFS
  • Their needs too be a revolt against

    Yes it needs too be a revolt against the government its too currupt. Just take out all the evil in the world and their would be change everlasting peace no nation would ever go too war becuase their wouldn't be the evil people on this planet too cause destruction and havic their needs too be changes we as the people need too make a military for free people no corruption no issues with society we need a name for the real free Americans let's go too war with our evil gov and her ppl who believe in a shitty system of false reality they want you too believe in soo let do it and kick out these people by force voting isn't going toovdo shit deplomace is bullshit never works and never had destruction too a false system if we all as a true country believe in freedom its. Time too grow balls loat up and go too war deplomace is for pussys

  • No, It Will Take Brainpower, Not Gunpowder

    The second amendment was written in a time when militia had to rise up against tyrannical forces. Now that the United States is an established nation, no amount of guns will help the citizens revolt against the government. Individuals have too many other tools at their disposal to fight the government- the Internet, the media, and their money.

  • You don't need guns only words

    No guns . The only weapon (as of now) that you need is truth and words. Wake up all you know to what's happening . They will not be happy to learn their country is gone but after some time they will tell other and so on and so on . If the people fail to recognize the danger then armed revolt is in our constitution . I recently read a t shirt that said our for fathers would be done shooting by now . That's true because we have drones , patriot act and ndaa.

  • Gov't's Not the Problem--It's the Corporations!!

    The government is not who need we need to revolt against. Just imagine this: we overthrow the government and who will step in? THE CORPORATIONS OF COURSE! Corporations are run in a totalitarian fashion and little by little they are trying to run our lives in the same way. The government is actually the only thing we have protecting us against the business world's unending thirst for power and control. You all want 'company towns' to come back again? That's exactly where we are headed if you keep focusing your energies on the wrong target. Know why you have to pay more taxes? Because the corporations do everything they can to pay less and then the difference has to be made up somehow, and that usually means by YOU! Stop this sentimental view of corporations as 'job providers'. All most of them do is steal your labor, make products that kill you and/or destroy the world around you and have absolutely no loyalty to people, God or country. Their allegiance is to profit and nothing else. Everything else is expendable. And they're just waiting for all you 'government revolters' to do your thing so they can step in and run this country in a corporate totalitarian fashion, where you will have absolutely no rights whatsoever. They will have gotten what they've wanted all along without even having to lift a damn finger.

  • They are not enough

    Without support from another nation the revolution would just fail and no amount of guns would change that. Guns may help but the millitary have jet, tanks, bases, nukes, boats ect. At this point it would have to be a political revolution as violence would not be very productive at all.

  • It will take money, NOT Guns

    The way to beat these people is to rob them of the very thing they most desire, OUR MONEY. To do this, we need to change the way we spend our money. We need to use every opportunity to keep our money in our communities and OUT of their BANKS. We need to reduce our dependence on foreign products and fossil fuels. We need to stop supporting the multi-national corporations and re-invest as much as possible in our Mom and Pop and/or locally owned and operated businesses.

  • Insanity

    Those that cling to this notion, please believe me that I'm not trying to be mean spirited when I say you need to seek mental help. You really, truly do. Not only is this wildly implausible conceptually, but even if it were reality (it isn't), a bunch of people that go to firing ranges on the weekend are going to stand up to tanks, air support, a massive ground presence, etc? You are not on this planet if you think this day is coming.

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