• Yes, we largely do already.

    Yes, women will enjoy the same rights as men, because for the most part, women have the same rights. In the United States today, women can vote, they can own property, and they can work. Women are respected, and they can hold public office and serve on juries. Women will always be different, but we already enjoy largely the same rights as men.

  • With great struggle

    Equality has made tremendous advancements in the past century, but there is still much work to be done in a world primarily dominated by men, especially white men in Western countries. Women need to continue to struggle and fight against every act of oppression there is, even the smallest things.

  • Women Will Enjoy the Same Rights as Men

    Yes, women will enjoy the same rights as men. Though the struggle for gender equality is not over, things are getting better. Women recently have been granted the right to fight in combat in the U. S. Armed Forces, for example. With more time, more benefits that men receive will bestowed upon women.

  • Women Enjoy Same Rights as Men

    Women already enjoy the same rights as men, even though wage gaps and other issues persist. At some point in the near future, women will undoubtedly achieve complete equality with men in the United States. That might take longer to occur in other countries, though, which is a huge problem.

  • Eventually, women will enjoy the same rights as men.

    Eventually, women will enjoy the same rights as men. The feminist movement is making leaps and bounds these days towards a more equal society for women, and in no time, women should be enjoying the same rights as men. They are improving in fantastic rates the difference in pay and other important inequalities that women face.

  • Yes, But The Struggle Is "the beholder."

    Women's rights have continuously improved, most notably since the right to vote. However, even to the present day women still continue to earn less $ than men earn for the same given task. Our country is always making improvements for gender equality in the work force and in leisure, and I believe equal RIGHTS will be achieved - we are almost there now actually. However, PRIVILEGES is another story!

  • Women have always been given lesser rights as compared to men

    The situation of women has drastically improved over the last couple of centuries. In the past, women were not allowed to hold public office; to work; to fair wages or equal pay; to own property; to education; to serve in the military or be conscripted; to enter into legal contracts etc. However, today women live in a very different world. Almost every female receives basic education, are awarded many rights that women of the past could only dream of and hold many top positions in jobs.

  • Yes, I do think women enjoy the same rights as men on a day to day basis.

    In this day and age, women do have the same rights as men. While they are typically accepted, they are not always followed by every member of every society. There are definitely some cultures where women do not have the same rights, but in America, women are enjoying the same rights as men even though they are not always treated equally.

  • Women have same right as men..

    According to my point of view, women didn't have much right compared to men.Even though they are hard working a lot to achieve their goals ,their rights were denied in our modern society. In every field of study women came to first than men.The life of men is destroying today.

  • No women are not valued the way men are.

    Women will never have the same rights as men because women are not valued in the manner that men are valued. As such the rights women seek are often overlooked or dismissed. The fact that women have been forced to work so hard to get certain right such as voting and equal pay are evidence that women are not as valued as men.

  • Will men have equal rights to women

    Always told women are superior. They live longer. They are less harshly sentenced for equal crime. They make up majority of college students while men are chase away re sexual correctness, claims of rape etc
    they are exempt from draft registration. They can not be discriminated against in healthcare, credit or job while men pay more for car insurance life insurance etc

  • No, I personally don't think women will ever have the rights men do.

    Even though it may sound pessimistic, I feel that women will never be respected quite as much as men. Even though women have done a lot to be on a more level playing field with men in the workplace, they're still discriminated against by employers who are worried they may have children, and thus may be less apt to hire them. Women have also, in modern times, become perceived as sexual objects, which, even though it may seem empowering, actually keeps women from being fully respected and seen fully as humans, rather than objects, by some people.

  • No. Women will never have equal rights as men.

    Women today are perceived to have equal rights as men in modern societies. However, even the approach to create equality discriminates the other party. For example, women's charter was set up to protect the rights of women but this in turn made the men vulnerable to inequality. Therefore, discrimination becomes a tool to further widen the inequality gap between genders.

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