Will World War III start if America invades Syria?

  • Yes, I agree

    The invasion of Syria will lead to war for the fact that we (U.S.) are an invading force on a sovereign country that is allied with Russia. If Syria, or Russia try to push us out we (U.S.) will use force on them, and it will escalate. We (U.S.) will be sticking our noses in places it doesn't belong again, and we (U.S.) will be in the wrong again.

  • No World War

    If the US invades several strong countries will interfere and the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) will increase and nuclear weapons could be launched at the US. The use of WMDs will only kill more people and cause more problems. That's why we shouldn't invade, I mean if Obama wants to destroy humanity go for it, send soldiers to Syria.

  • A defining moment in human development

    What I fear is once the west hits Syria both China & Russia have declared that they will intervene & if that happens it will take the attention of the world away from other tender issues such as India & Pakistan, China & Tibet, Japan & Russia, Kashmir, North Korea, South & central America with many other problem areas in Africa & of course the rest of the Middle East.

    I'm not saying all these will ignite but as history has proven nations with ambition are much more likely to strike for their goals if they think the rest of the world & it's hardware is preoccupied elsewhere.

    No-one could honestly predict if this would turn nuclear but we do know that the more people & ideologies involved the greater the chance of catastrophe. I've often wondered what would have happened if the commanding officer had had the launch codes for the nukes set up on Cuba. Somethings happen accidentally but with all the radicalism now it would be much easier for a smaller nation to make it appear that a nuclear strike came from one of the more advanced nations on another.

    Being the type of person who would much prefer to live without war, I do not think the rest of us should just sit back & watch ANY civilian population being murdered by the thousands just because they don't want to live under a dictatorship. These poor people love their families just as much as we do & they need our help.

    We must narrow the huge gap between the haves & have nots, only then can we ever hope to control over population & begin to treat the world properly. We, in the west are in the final throes of capitalism the acquisition & merger stage where every time companies undergo this process most duplicated jobs are abolished & unemployment surges. Obviously this type of society cannot endure, the world cannot sustain the growth needed so either the world must come together & thrash out an equitable way forward peacefully OR thin the herd as they say.

    Alas the latter scenario seems to be the way the people & groups who have been allowed to amass huge fortunes & power have decided will be the way forward, they will NOT just give up their personal wealth & power (except for a noted few).

    The ONLY people who can change this deadly way forward are the voters of the western world & even then it would have to be en masse to vote for diplomacy parties & Independents.

    In some ways it would be good to see the world in 20, 50 or 100 years in the future but there again think of the sleepless nights we'd have if we saw what we didn't want to see, the decisions we make in the very near future starting with Syria will define us as a race overall & shape what future our children & grandchildren have, if any.

  • Yes, i agree

    I definitely think so, Russia already said it, if American send troops (invade syria) they will not tolerate that, and China is Russia ally, other countries allies would join as well, which would create a massive chain reaction, Russia already sent ships to Syria, it's up to America if they will or not invade Syria.

  • The realistic view

    Russia isn't capable economically or militarily to fight the United States and China wouldn't risk fighting its biggest source of income (U.S. And U.S. aligned markets). All that would happen from U.S. direct intervention would be more instability in the region and a bloody and Vietnam-like guerilla war against insurgents. It's not a good idea to invade and risk losing thousands of troops in a long and indecisive conflict but it would not cause a world war.

  • It will be a proxy and complicated multisided war

    US is still the current superpower. Its 2 closest rival, Russia and China would not even match US even if they combine forces. Also china biggest trading partner is the US, is Syria so important ? Syria is so far away and has little value to china. Syria is meaningless to the US thats why it has been abandoned.

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