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  • No, I will not download Frank Ocean's new album.

    No, I will not download Frank Ocean's new album because I, personally, am not intrigued by the type of music nor do I feel that if I did, I would want to download instead of purchasing a physical copy because it would allow me to fully support the artist I enjoy.

  • No, I will not download the Frank Ocean album.

    Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the works of Frank Ocean. Therefore, I will not download his album. After some short research, I discovered Mr. Ocean is in the rap music industry. I am not a big fan of that genre; I prefer Red Dirt Country, Pop, and Christian music.

  • No, I will not.

    I am not a fan of rap music, so I will not download the new Frank Ocean album. I understand that he is a well respected artist, and his work is liked by people all over the world, but it just does not suit my taste or interest in music.

  • No intention whatsoever

    I have no intention whatsoever of listening to Frank Ocean's album. He isn't even remotely in the genre of music I listen to. I would consider it a waste of money to listen to him. Even if I did want to, I would just go to YouTube and watch a video of his.

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