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  • Golf is too slow.

    I tried watching golf once and I found it to be incredibly slow. I understand it takes skill, but who has the time to watch someone take one leisurely shot after another? There are more competitive and more exciting sports on television and I won't be watching any golf, unless I develop insomnia.

  • No, I don't enjoy watching golf.

    Golf is boring to me. While the game itself is not very exciting to me, the way the PGA is set up is also not very interesting. In team sports, you can root for your hometown team, which makes it much more exciting to watch. In golf, you just have an array of unexciting (in my opinion) players who you can choose to root for, or you can just watch for the sake of watching, as an unbiased observer. Neither option is appealing to me.

  • No, PGA is boring and pointless.

    There is no reason to watch the PGA. Not only is it boring and pointless, but it is also a vast waste of space. If communities banded together to skip out on golf and turn courses into communities for homeless people and veterans, there would be less crime and more support of our most vulnerable citizens.

  • No, I won't watch the PGA Championship.

    I like golf, but I don't love golf. So, I won't be spending my time watching the PGA Championship. I'm sure it will be interesting, especially for those who are golf addicts, but I have better things to do with my time. I will, however, tune in to the national news reports and catch the updates on the tournament, just to see who's ahead and who eventually wins the trophy.

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