William Shatner is a trained Shakespearean stage actor: Is William Shatner one of the best actors of all time?

  • William Shatner is an elite tier actor

    questioning if someone is the best actor of all time can be quite fruitless because of the fact that the populist is very opinionated and there are a number of great actors from the past that are not anymore prevalent. However William Shatner is indeed an incredible talent. His work in the Star Trek movies, and countless others, even his commercial debuts demonstrate his immense talent for acting, voice acting, and parody. Shatner has won a Golden Globe, Emmys, and countless other awards and nominations. William Shatner is truly a remarkable actor, and arguably one of the best.

  • Many actors are trained Shakespearan stage actors.

    While William Shatner has had a an incredibly successful acting career and played many diverse characters, I do not believe he is one of the best actors of all time. While he may be a trained Shakespearean actor, many other incredible actors had the same training on the stage before entering the film and television world. I feel like other actors such as Sir Lauence Olivier, Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stuart, who are also trained Shakespearean stage actors, would be much more deserving of being classified as some of the best actors of all time.

  • There are better actors than William Shatner

    Today the Star Trek star William Shatner may be better known for being the "Priceline Negotiator" than for his role as Captain James Kirk on the famous science fiction show from the sixties. The fact that he is trained as a Shakespearean stage actor does not detract from the fact that his acting style is campy at best and wooden at worst.

  • Shatner can do Shakespeare - so what?

    To be (or not to be) a trained Shakespearean actor is no mean feat and is a skill or background that many artists, who have since transferred to the film industry, have. With that said, it is merely one facet of a good actor - why should being a Shakespearean actor have any more credit than being able to 'do comedy' or to make watchers feel something? Surely in this modern age, that is more powerful and should be skills we look for in 'the best actors of all time.'

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