• Yes, Willis played very well

    I like Federer's reaction too, emphasising what a great story it is and saying that he followed Willis's progress through qualifying before he knew that Willis was in his part of the draw. Win or lose, Federer has done his bit to make sure that the next match is a memorable occasion for Willis - like others I hope it's on Centre.

  • Yes, Marcus Willis will beat Roger Federer

    The tennis sports battle is typical with this saga of youth over experience. Roger Federer is a long time champ at age 35 in August but Marcus Willis the younger champ at age 25 with his recent wins to get to Wimbledon. I think Marcus has the advantage and is the people's champion for Britain.

  • No, there is a good chance that Marcus Willis will not beat Rodger Federer

    No, there is a good chance that Marcus Willis will not beat Rodger Federer. This is especially true when you consider the fact that he won in an upset. He was not expected to win the match that he won. This means that he has less of a chance to beat Federer than he would had he been projected to win his last match.

  • No, Marcus Willis will not be as lucky against Roger Federer

    One thing is to pull off an upset win against Ricardas Barankis and quite another is to do the same against one of the all time tennis greats in such a grand scale setting as Wimbledon is. Federer should have no problem dispatching this 772-ranked player in straight sets, no matter how much inspiration he gets from his girlfriend.

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