Wind energy: Is wind energy a good choice among the various energy alternatives?

  • Yes, wind energy has great potential.

    Not only is wind energy very reliable and sustainable, it is also not as expensive as some of the other types of renewable/green energy sources. It is also considerably safe when compared to nuclear energy, which in cases of leaks, will cause huge problems. Wind energy is also very clean to run, when compared to some other green energy sources such as bio-fuel, which will release harmful gases into our atmosphere. Also, in an ever changing world, new and more efficient ways of using wind energy will be developed in the future, which will help us improve our lives dramatically.

  • Wind Energy a very reliable and safe energy source

    Wind energy in my opinion is a very safe and reliable energy source. It uses up the natural energy that revolves around the earth, in this case wind. The wind is brought about by the Sun's rays hitting the earth. The energy is natural and much safer to use than lets say nuclea energy.

  • Wind power is not the best !!!!

    The wind towers and it's formation can be wicked expensive. Wind power is not reliable . Wind is caused by the heating of some spots on the Earth mixing with cool spots creating wind. It is not always windy on some days. It may but a renewable resource, but it is NOT reliable. I believe hydro-electric power is better ! I don't care that you don't believe me. LOOK it up then.

  • No, wind energy is not a good choice.

    Wind energy is sustainable, but it is not the best choice when considering the big picture. Windmills and turbines are usually very expensive and have been known to require lots of maintenance. They can even be dangerous, as was seen by the wind turbine that broke and crashed into a school in Germany. Solar and nuclear power are better alternatives.

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