• Windows is for everybody!

    Although people may prefer windows 7 it is almost the same apart from design and requirements.
    Now i don't like windows 8 but for people that are just starting out on windows and have never had a windows OS (Operating System) providing this computer is a touch screen Windows 8 is perfect for this.

    Anything that doesn't have touch screen should not have Windows 8. Giving the computer owner freedom of choice to pick windows 7 or 8 as their Operating System.

  • Windows 7 is for those who are not tools.

    Windows 8 is terrible. It is much more limiting in terms of what types of programs you can add to its new interface, which is built more for tablets than an actual computer, in any case. There is no need to buy Windows 8, stick with Windows 7, or even Windows XP.

  • 8 is faster

    Windows 8 is 80 times faster on all of my pc's than windows 7. All of my games play faster. I do agree that windows 8 sucks in some ways but windows 8.1 and now update 1 is so much better. They have increased the amount of resourses available to the OS and therefor i win!

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