WIRED Pilot Program: The Good Place: Is network television going to make a comeback?

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  • How people watch shows has changed forever

    Network television is in its death throws. People prefer to watch programs on their own schedule and without being interrupted by commercials. Network television still operates the same way it has for many decades. It is funded by commercials that are inserted throughout the programming. Network television will continue losing viewers.

  • No, not completely.

    Network television will survive against newer forms of television as it has in the past. People thought HBO and and Showtime, AMC, ect would completely kill network television, but it has continued to survive. The Big Bang Theory, a network show is one of the most watched shows on tv right now.

  • Network TV is going downhill.

    No, I don't think that this one show means that network TV is going to make a comeback. Instead, I think that network TV will eventually become a thing of the past. Today's viewers have so many choices when it comes to programming. Cable providers keep raising their rates, so less people are watching live TV.

  • Television networks are almost dead.

    Today, a person can watch whatever they want on a screen, whenever they want. Because the population has become so scattered, television networks are on their way out. They can hold on for as long as they can, but the reality is that viewers can watch YouTube just as easily as ABC.

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