Woman sues over insensitive treatment by Texas police: Are local police departments doing enough to avoid cases of sexual misconduct?

  • I don't believe her.

    According to charges filed against him by people who viewed the videotape, and his guilty plea, he was guilty of "three counts of violating the civil rights of a person in custody relating to improper sexual activity and one count of official oppression." If the video showed what she states as fact, it would be multiple charges of rape. You see, "improper sexual activity" could mean any number of things that don't even require contact much less penetration. My guess is that the dispatcher did something inappropriate and the woman just claimed to be raped to be somewhere else than behind bars. Think about it, if the woman stated she was raped yet the video said otherwise, would you send her to the hospital? No, you would just tell her to get on with her life due to nothing bad actually happened to her. According to what I read, the penalty in Texas for rape is 2 to 20 years in prison. If he was actually guilty of rape, would they only sentence him to about 7 months in jail? No, so the video must have proven something else besides rape.

  • Local police departments could be doing more to avoid cases of sexual misconduct.

    There have been many cases of sexual misconduct among local police departments. These cases could be avoided before they happen. This behavior should be taken more seriously. There is no reason why training and policies should not already be in place to avoid sexual conduct from occurring, and penalties should be much worse.

  • Police departments can do more

    For every lawsuit or complaint about sexual misconduct, many, many more go unreported, so we should treat reports as just the tip of the iceberg and evidence that there is a much larger problem to deal with. Better training may help in some cases, but it seems that there's also a much larger societal problem that will take many years to address.

  • Probably not, not sure it matters

    People are really very sensitive now days. The police should treat people with respect, but people should really stop taking every stupid statement someone says as an attack. Anytime anyone is dealing with the police it is a stressful situation, and these things can happen. I rather a cop be insensitive instead of shooting someone.

  • No, law enforcement isn't doing enough to avoid sexual misconduct.

    No one should ever be treated disrespectfully, nor be the victim of sexual misconduct by a law enforcement officer. Police departments must do more to ensure that people in police custody are never the victim of sexual misconduct by officers. A very easy step to take would be to require that police officers wear body cameras to record their interactions with others. Also, police departments should hold officers accountable with severe penalties when found to be guilty.

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